10+ Easy Ideas To Make Your Own Cosmetic Box

Cosmetic Box

There is a great difference between loving makeup products and being a cosmetic accumulator. And this difference is determined by how one gathers and organizes their beauty items. We all hate situations when we have to struggle a lot only to find one shade of lipstick from all the clutter. It is never an easy task to organize all your items in one place in an order. No doubt, girls love makeup and many of them almost own every single shade MAC’s range of eye shadows. Are you one of those who have different lipstick shades of one color? If yes then it is crucial you plan structural storage for organizing all makeup in one place.

We are sure that you also need a small tidy area where you can organize and arrange your all cosmetic items. Not all of us have lose budgets to buy a cosmetic box for this purpose. Do you want to have an organizer as a cosmetic box? Do you want to specify a little bit of space in your room for cosmetics that can adjust in small space?

We are obliged to many DIY experts who have shared some very unique, innovative and eye-catching ideas to create your cosmetic boxes. In this small guide, we are going to share some unique and attractive DIY ideas that can solve this problem of yours. All these ideas will not only display your skills of creativity but also save a handful of bucks in your pocket.

Let’s have a look at 10 creative ideas of making cosmetic boxes at your home.


Do you have some spare plant pots? Let’s create something attractive and unique with pots and decorative rocks. Clean up the little pot, paint it and decorate it with ribbons and rock pieces.

Boom!!! You have created a little cosmetic holder. Now arrange your all lip liners and brushes in it.


It is the time to make an attractive piece for saving your makeup brushes from dust. Are your makeup brushes scattered all-around your countertop? We know it’s a hard task to find the right one from clutter. This idea is best for you if you also want to arrange all the products in one place without covering so much space.

Reuse an old glass bowl and decorate it with small pearl beads.


Nowadays, the trend of being unique is going on. Let’s be creative and implant this cool idea for solving your cosmetic box problem. Do you have some extra space on your countertop or beside your mirror? If yes then don’t waste your old bookcases because it is high time to reuse them. Cleanup the old bookcase and arrange all your important cosmetic items in it


Some people love having candle pots, are you one of those? Use your intelligence and skills and convert those old candle pots into an eye-catching cosmetic holder.

Create a chick cosmetic box by gluing candle pots on top of one another. Use some floral designs of pearl beads for highlighting its details.


Elegance is the second important point after organizing. So why not you should try something that not only works as a cosmetic organizer but also looks incredibly elegant.

Let’s try something that can hold up all your makeup items at one little space near your closet or dresser area. You only need to arrange a metal frame and small magnet pieces. Stick magnet at the back of your small makeup holders and boom you are done.


Trust me; it is the best and unique idea to not only show-off your cool collection of jewelry and cosmetics with your precious old dining set.

Your favorite dining bowl not only works as a makeup holder but you can also convert it into an elegant cosmetic packaging box.


Don’t waste little things such as foam boxes around you. You can convert them into a valuable thing.

Play with your creative ideas and convert small foam boxes into cosmetic organizing boxes. For example, you can arrange your all liners, mascaras and lip liners in them.


Plastic is non-recyclable so why people throw it and increase pollution? There are multiple ways to reuse your old plastic items such as reuse old plastic bottles.

With little effort, time and creativity, you can convert an old item in your cosmetic holder. Cut the bottles from the upper side and glue one on top of each other. Use some spare ribbons and stones to decorate it and BOOM!!!! Your new cosmetic holder is all-ready to display.


No doubt, mason jars are simply elegant. Don’t waste empty mason jars if you have it. It is the game of ideas so go with some wild ideas, use your creativity and show-off your makeup items with decency


It is such a cute DIY idea to save your cosmetic products from disorganization. Gather some old jars, little pieces of strings and hooks for hanging.

Decorate the jars with ribbons/fabric pieces or test your painting skills and make your small cosmetic kit.


Let’s add a vintage touch in your bedroom with a Bundt pan.

Paint it or décor it with ribbons or fabric and convert this old item into an eye-catching cosmetic holder


Do you travel a lot? It is not easy to carry all makeup items in your bag during traveling. And there are high chances of damaging your favorite cake liner or lipstick. This is one of the best handy, easy and incredibly simple cosmetic box idea that you must try.

Don’t throw your old sushi mat and reuse it with some elastic. And Wow in just a few minutes you have created a cheap yet elegant cosmetic organizer. Save your precious time and money and try all these easy DIY ideas for your favorite cosmetic products.