5 Distinctive Shaker Style Kitchen Features!

Shaker Style Kitchen

Shaker style kitchens are an expression of classy craftsmanship and ageless, stylish design, and they have stood the test of time. This evergreen kitchen style will look beautiful in any home design. Humble Shaker-style kitchen can be customised to enhance or reduce its features to gain the desired functionality and ambience. Irrespective of you like a provincial cottage look or a modern mansion, you can find distinctive components in every shaker style kitchen.

Shaker Style Kitchen Distinctive Features

Shaker style kitchen adopts classy storage solutions with minimalist accessories. Clean lines feature strongly to a great extent in Shaker kitchens producing soft character through crisp craftsmanship. Let’s glance at some distinctive features of a shaker style kitchen.

1. Timber & Wood

Original wooden furniture and panelled doors are a signature mark of a shaker style kitchen. Free-standing items facilitate to replace the layout around as you desire. Wooden breakfast table stools and a mobile butcher’s block are standard pieces in shaker style kitchens.

Reuse furniture pieces are an ideal add-on to shaker style kitchen layout. You’ll find classic furniture pieces at the second-hand stores near you. Buy the furniture pieces that you like that will match your kitchen’s space. Apply quick-sand over the old furniture pieces and then paint them, and get new fabric cushioning for chairs and the furniture pieces that require padding. The classic furniture pieces will breathe a fresh new life, which will work wonders for a shaker style kitchen.

2. Shelving

In the shaker style kitchen, cabinetry is the focal attention, but shelving is equally significant. Shaker kitchens should adopt some open shelving or cabinetry with glass-frontage to break up the blocks of solid timber. You can use this open-shelving space to exhibit your collector’s pieces or valuable glassware.

3. Little Things Matter

Way back, Shaker kitchen benchtops made out of wood, but in modern times, it has evolved to include stone such as quartz and granite. Stone benchtops are robust and lasting and provide a modern look and feel. Traditionally, Shaker-style cabinet door knobs and handles were painted, to match shaker kitchen cabinetry colours. In modern-times, cabinetry door knobs and handles have obtained more flexibility — elements like satin nickel work fine.

4. Shaker Colours

Shaker kitchen paint colours are laid back and fine-tuned. Popular colour choices include light grey, muted green, cream, and off-white. Intense red and blue colours are ideal for accent colours and applied to a single statement piece.

You can combine natural finishes with painted surfaces to add character, but keep it modest. If you want to add colour to your kitchen cabinetry, then maintain the walls in a neutral colour. Keep away from adding too many textures and patterns.

5. Character

The side-panelled cabinetry and glass flawlessly work in the modern-day shaker-style kitchen. For custom-made cabinetry, detailed-lines blend seamlessly with retro appliances.

Shaker kitchens have an array of styles and designs to offer:

  • Timber Kitchens
  • Country Kitchens
  • Classic Kitchens
  • Modern Kitchens
  • Laminate Kitchens
  • Polyurethane Kitchens
  • French Provincial Kitchens
  • Outdoor Kitchens

Choose any Shaker style you like from the above, as each kitchen design has the flexibility to work in any home environment and can be configured to suit any preferences and budgets.

How Shaker Style Kitchens came into existence?

Shaker-style kitchens earned their name and origin from a religious cult in the 18th century. Their dancing and shaking motions, which they did for their worship provided them with the nickname ‘Shaker’. This group of people was an expert artisan who made their furniture for their self-sufficient communities. Besides, Shakers favoured local timber, and they finished most furniture pieces with satin or by painting colours such as green, yellow, red and blue. For knobs, they added simple turned-wood pieces to their cabinetry on top of elaborate pieces.

Final Words

The Shakers gained popularity for their superior quality craftsmanship, highly-functional and durable pieces, and minimalist style. To this day, shaker-style kitchens are alive, and well regarded for their craftsmanship that ignites their history.