5 Easy Steps to Maintain a Perfect Lawn

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In this article, I will be discussing 5 very simple and easy steps to make sure you have a perfect lawn. These steps also enable you to manage your lawn without hiring someone else. It will save you a lot of money as well.

Let’s discuss each one of them step by step.

  1. Aerating

Aerating is the single most important and it’s the best thing you can do for your lawn. Over time your lawn gets compacted and the rain really can pack down a lawn. Even cutting the lawn will compact it. If you want to get the best out of your lawn, you need to be thinking about aerating it every year.

It’s important as it keeps soil profile open whenever the sweat profiles open, it encourages the grass to grow deeper roots and deeper roots means the plant can store more nutrient and that leads to a healthier lawn.

  1. Scarification.

Scarification is used to remove thatch and moss out of your lawn. To explain what thatch is it’s old, dead organic material that’s in your lawn. Whenever you cut your grass not all of it goes into the grass box a lot of it goes back down into the lawn.

Some lawns create more thatch than other lawns. Just depends on the type of lawn and the type of grass and what thatch will be on the lawn. Thatch will also make your lawn very spongy to walk on.

The main trouble with thatch in your lawn is it stops the surface from drying out so if you get a lot of rain, the water sits on the surface and it can’t penetrate down into the roots so it sits on the surface.

Because the water can’t get anywhere this creates the perfect conditions for the moss to grow. The only way to get rid of the moss and the thatch properly is to scarify it out and your lawn will love you for it. As long as you’re scarifying at the right times of the year, spring and autumn.

  1. Mowing your lawn.

Now, I know this is basic there are so many people get this bit wrong and their lawn suffers as a result. The golden rule never takes more than a third off your lawn whenever you’re cutting the grass.

The reason for this is simple, every time you cut the lawn you pull it under stress. If you take too much off the lawn it’s going to suffer, I recommend little and often that’s the key.

It also pays to make sure that the blades are sharp on the lawnmower so you are always getting a clean cut. I see lots of people cut their lawn to within an inch of its life and then wonder why the lawn looks terrible. The only thing cutting your grass short does is it encourages weeds like daisies and clover.

  1. Treating your lawn

Improve your lawn if you just follow this one simple step, raise the head of the cut of your lawnmower to nearly its highest setting but not the highest and cut it regularly as you’re not cutting any more than one-third of it in any one cut.

Do this one thing and your lawn will dramatically improve and guess what’s the best thing about it it’s free I recommend that you should treat your lawn. For your lawn to look its best, it needs a good treatment program to be in place.

  1. Creating stripes

I love nice stripes in a lawn and I’m going to let you guys into a trade secret and creating the perfect lawn stripes. Double cut your lawn if you want those perfect stripes.

What I mean by that is go over the same stripes twice and this burns them in and after you cut the lawn they’ll stay visible for longer they’ll start to show up for days after you mow the lawn.

If you do that regularly they’ll always show up even through winter.

However, it’s really important they don’t just always go either up or down or left or right you need to change the direction of your cut every other cut otherwise the grass starts to lie over whenever it lies over it causes things like disease and it could even make your lawn lumpy.

If you can spare the time once you’re cutting, your lawn will look a million dollars if you do it on a regular basis.


How do I make my grass greener?

You can make the grass green by fertilizing and watering it for 30 minutes for at least once in a weak. Make sure water gets penetrated in the soil about 4 to 6 inches deep.

Can I fertilize my lawn every 2 weeks?

If you have a proper sprinkling system than you can fertilize it every four to six weeks but in other case, you have to wait for another 2 weeks to fertilize the grass.

What does a lawn mower cost?                                                         

The price varies from 150 to 2000 dollars depending upon how big and efficient the machine is.

What tools are required for maintain the garden?

There are various tools like best axes,pruners,gardenknifes,trowels,shovels,spades and hand rake etc.