5 Highest Selling Luxury Cars in the USA


A luxury car offers good performance, millage, and comfort wherever you go from the office to the road trip. A luxury car has standard features like cutting edge technology, luxury interior, heating component, easy handling, comfortable seat, stunning body design, and many more. Now it’s up to you which one you are going to choose, a safety sedan, stylish convertible, or a sporty coupe.

It isn’t very easy to choose when you have loads of good options. So we’re here help you in making the right decision, the shortlist includes the 5 highest selling luxury cars in the US.

  1. Audi A4 (31,965)

When buying an Audi A 4, you select between a sedan or a station wagon body style. The latter referred to as the A4 Allroad. The A4 Condo has a conventional front-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive available as an option. The A 4 all-road comprises AWD, also has a raised suspension to get additional ground clearance. Lean packages contain Premium Plus Premium and Prestige, and the s 4 variant swaps the standard turbocharged 4-cylinder for a turbocharged V6. The Audi A4 cost about $39,000 to $50,200.

  1. BMW 3 Series (44,578)

The BMW 3-Series is one of the most popular luxury cars in the US. The BMW 3-Series range split into 3-series Sedan, Wagon, and Hatchback. The sedan is available in a 5-door style for the GT (Gran Turismo) model and 5-door sports styles for the wagon. The 3-series offers turbocharged 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines with the rear and four-wheel-drive system. The M3-Series is a high-performance version of the sedan, and with the revised version launched in the year 2019, things were looking promising to get even better, and probably they’re. The 3-Series range starts from $40,750 to $44650. 

  1. Mercedes Benz E Class (44,772)

On the third position in our list, we have Mercedes Benz E Class. E Class Cars are among the finest Luxury Cars available now. Mercedes Benz usually puts technology into its S-Class that is large. Still, it cleverly saves some cutting edge stuff to the mid-size E Class. This generation, which debuted in 2017, was that the car which struck an increase of capabilities against the dealerships. You can buy these E Class cars in any configuration you want. Mercedes has a variety of models in the series like sedan, coupe, convertible, wagon also with or without four-wheel drive. They also offer AMG in this class. This variety of model combines with custom paint, upholstery, trim make you find the perfect E-Class model as you want. The E-Class range from 53,945 to 76,145.

  1. Lexus ES (48,492)

Lexus cars are known for their performance, power, Luxury, and comfort in our list we have Lexus ES. The ES comes with a big interior but a low price. This Car provides an effective combination of value and style. Redesigned for 2019, the ES features a V6 engine (ES 350) or even a hybrid powertrain (ES 300h). Standard, Luxury, and ultra-luxury trim levels can be found, along with an F-Sport version into the ES 350 model collection. The cost of Lexus ES is 39,945.

  1. Tesla Model 3 (100,000)

The crown of the highest luxury car sellers in our list and the only car in our list who cross the barrier of selling 100,000-unit in 2019 is going to Tesla Model 3. Now, this might be a result of pent-up demand. There are lots of pre-orders and Tesla suffers to get production into full swing. Once the car assembled, they flew outside the Tesla stores’ doors. So whether the Model 3 will continue its successful ways is still to be determined.

Naturally, Tesla does better if just comparing car sales since that’s the kind at that it’s a high-volume, mass-market model (that the Model 3). Other automobile manufacturers sell a lot of cross overs and SUVs, whereas Tesla does not have any cross overs on the market (yet) and the pricey Model X SUV. Looking at the true luxury car ranking, Tesla took the crown of the highest car selling in the US in the 2nd quarter of 2019.Tesla Model 3 is an electric car that has the millage of 310 miles of range. Its start from $35,000 to $59,000.

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