5 Proven Steps for a Successful Kitchen Renovations


The kitchen is the heart of your home. So, when it comes to home improvement projects, maximum homeowners would like to concentrate on kitchen renovations, but kitchen remodelling is not about adding some shiny backsplash or a bunch of highly functional cabinets.

You have to plan the kitchen renovations in Perth in such a way that the kitchen will be the most functional as well as an aesthetically pleasing space in the house. Naturally, you will be feeling clueless about where to start from.

With so many ideas bustling in your mind, it is very common to feel that you don’t know which part of the project to handle first.

Guide from Experts

Expert kitchen remodelers will let you know that remodeling the kitchen can be indeed, a challenging process as there are so many things that you have to keep in mind. As it is an important investment that will enhance the value of the property, you have to be careful about the choices you make.

Hence, the following steps will help you to develop and implement the plans for kitchen remodeling in the right order for maximum impact.

Step #1: Set the budget

The first and most critical part of the kitchen renovations plan is to set the right budget. Or better, you need to determine what is the maximum possible amount that you are ready to spend on the project.

Unless you fix the budget and make all the calculations before going ahead with the execution, you will soon end up running out of budget before everything is complete. Also, you need to keep in mind that if the renovation project is larger, and you are involving especially skilled electricians, plumbers, and builders, you may have to spend more than the standard amount.

So, be ready to pay at least 20% more than what you set as the budget. If you know this, you can decrease the initial budget allotment accordingly and plan within the lower mark.

Step #2: Get the professional designer

There are many designers available nowadays to impart a physical shape to your dream remodeling project. But you have to find the most competent kitchen designer for the purpose as the professional experts can only understand your requirements and give a proper shape to the vision.

If this is your first kitchen remodeling project, then you have to apply the right strategies to find the best designer.

  • Find experienced professionals
  • Check the availability
  • Work with designers who have excellent communication skills
  • Reasonable pricing

These are some of the qualities that define the top remodelers of the kitchen.

Step #3: Be particular about the choices

Some factors matter more than others when it comes to the renovation of a kitchen. a thorough discussion with an expert kitchen designer will reveal how you have to pick a certain theme or principle while planning the design and add the elements accordingly.

  • A lot of considerations are necessary for choosing flooring. Ideally, the floor should be anti-slip, water-resistant, and resistant to stains.
  • What material do you want for the backsplash?
  • What type of countertops do you need? decide the material that you want as the countertop after considering practical factors.

Planning is essential with a lot of research work to ensure that you have the best kitchen after renovation.

Step #4: Make your customized wish list

Every homeowner has different needs in the kitchen. what are your needs? You will have lots of options to choose for kitchen renovations in PerthBut which one suits your needs?

So, first, make a list of the things or changes that you need. And then add the things that you want to have in your kitchen. This will help in preparing a wish list that you can modify depending on the discussion with the designers and builders.

Step #5: Be attentive to the workflow

By now, most of you know that the kitchen has three primary and vital areas- the stove, the sink, and the fridge. You have to be very careful about maintaining the kitchen triangle. Unless the positioning of these elements is convenient, your workflow will be disrupted every time.

For instance, as a rule of thumb, you should always maintain a minimum distance of four feet between individual appliances to move around comfortably.

If you want to place a dishwasher in the kitchen during kitchen remodelingthe ideal space can be near the sink unless the size of the kitchen is huge and you ahead second clean-up sink at some other point or on a separate kitchen island.

Final thoughts

As you put your heart and soul into the kitchen renovations in Perthyou need to make sure that you put in equal logical and practical thoughts. A perfect kitchen design will help you to enjoy working in a beautiful and highly functional kitchen.

It’s time to look for the ideal designers who can help you with the remodeling.