5 Signs of the Best Building Inspection Companies

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Building inspection refers to assessment of properties in terms of their structure and other aspects such as fixtures, appliances, plumbing, electrical works, waterproofing etc. It is a necessary element of the entire property-buying process. Without proper building inspection, buyers can end up investing in less-than-ideal properties. In the same way, sellers can price their properties less than what those are worth; without a comprehensive inspection report to support their price quotes.

Detailed building inspection is possible only with the help of qualified engineer inspectors. But only the best inspection companies hire engineer inspectors for the job. There are other hallmarks of such businesses too.

Here are five signs of the best building inspection companies.

  1. They have extensive industry experience.

The best building inspection companies have broad experience inspecting different kinds of properties. For instance, RSH Construction (RSH Engineering & Construction; for full effect) has over two decades of industry experience. They have inspected more than 6000 properties.

Such wide-ranging experience makes inspection companies widely known in the industry including amongst builders and contractors. It then becomes easier to see the quality of their work spread over the years.

  1. They offer services for both residential and commercial properties.

The Best Building Inspection Services always cater to both residential and commercial properties. There are differences in both these types of properties in terms of the features, construction, and sizes.

So, a company inspecting only residential properties won’t be able to inspect commercial establishments; without first hiring experienced inspectors for the job.

  1. They hire engineer inspectors for the job.

The best building inspection companies only hire engineer inspectors for the job. It is fairly common for general contractors or code inspectors to oversee such work. But there are companies such as RSH Construction that only employ engineers for the inspection work.

Engineer inspectors not only inspect the properties thoroughly. They can also offer solutions to the issues that emerge via their inspection work. They can inspect not only fully-constructed properties but also buildings that are under construction. They can check a new building’s model and point out irregularities there and then. They can check buildings during the pre-pour stage to assess the structural work thoroughly.

Typically, building inspectors point out only code violations. They may also inspect the structure and appliances in buildings. But only engineer inspectors can conduct exhaustive inspections to really find out every problem existing within buildings.

  1. They offer comprehensive and varied inspection services.

A general inspection report consisting of code violations and gas leaks may not be the requirement of every client. So, the Best Building Inspection Services offer different kinds of reports.

Their wide range of services can include –

  • New home consulting
  • Phase inspections
  • Pre-existing home inspections
  • End-of-builders warranty inspections
  • Final walk-through inspections

Unfortunately, not all home inspection companies offer such varied services. Most building inspection work involves a general assessment of the property. Only the best companies provide services that include everything from start to completion of the construction work in new buildings and full assessment of pre-existing properties.

Each of their service verticals is also quite detailed. So, every kind of inspection work will cover a comprehensive list of structures or other aspects. They also customize their services for home buyers, real estate agents, and builders.

  1. They have competitive price points.

Building inspection is essential work and hence; the best companies price their services competitively. Simplified general inspection work may often cost you less than detailed reports created by engineer inspectors. But the former doesn’t really solve the purpose of finding construction or structural issues with new or pre-existing properties.

The services offered by the best building inspection companies turn out to be economical for the real benefits they offer. For instance, a final walk-through inspection report can cover all aspects of a new building from its site or model visit by the inspectors to the final assessment upon the completion of the construction.

So, when looking for the best building inspection companies; check if the cost of their services is justified by the work done by them. Such companies may also offer other services as per your inspection requirement.

Checking the websites of local building inspection companies can help you to know more about them.