5 Ways to Automate Your Business Phone Systems

5 Ways to Automate Your Business Phone Systems

You need to answer every call as rapidly as you can to make sure you are offering the very best service and also never miss a purchase.But, you ought to devote your attention to your business operations. That is where a highly automatic calling system or an advanced business phone might be an essential tool for any small to mid-size company.

What Is an Auto Attendant?

An auto-attendant or automatic business phone service is just a feature that handles and receives all of your outbound and inbound calls. It enables callers to interact with employees if they’re currently working throughout business hours and even later hours—anauto attendant phone system greets and transfer calls to extensions, phones, or voicemail boxes.

Benefits of Automated Phone Systems


Automating your business’s phone systems can cut employee costs since there will be less of a need for phone-specific roles, while also keeping your IT staff from devoting resources to manual responses or complicated phone line inquiries. Some of the benefits and services are mentioned below:

  1. Unlimited Calls
  2. Hold Music
  3. Voicemail-to-Text/Voicemail-to-Email Transcription
  4. Team Immediate Messaging
  5. Endless SMS
  6. Remote business phone service
  7. Telephone
  8. Telephone Tracking and Voice Analytics
  9. Video Conferencing

5 Ways to Automate Business Phone Systems:


1.    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

An IVR system receives an input, processes it, and yields an outcome. This is different than an automated attendant, which simply routes calls.

IVR systems utilize voice and DTMF tones to convey, providing an inexpensive and automated middle-service for payments like purchases that are utilities, travel info, and orders.

(Source: JustCall)

There’s just another feature identified as the ‘menu. ‘Acall menu (i.e., auto-attendant) is among the very invaluable tools for automation, and it has existed for quite some time. If you have not utilized this tech for the business, then you are missing one of the approaches to manage and route your calls efficiently.

2.    Dial-by-Name Directory | Create a Company Directory

The directory may list together with organizations to be able to customize more by way of a VoIP phone system, with an idea of a section or employee. The directory is working on and routing every telephone.

Once you telephone a few and are greeted with something such as “Press two to speak into this marketing section,” that is a dial-by-name directory. It’s more inviting to get a business with numerous branches that cannot expect current and potential customers to check the number of each department up.

Including an organization, directory lets you professionally callers to the ideal person, straight away, though you have a few employees. There is not any demand to allow them by allowing them to relate with the individual by themselves, since you may eliminate that measure until they may be moved to the person to talk to your representative.

3.    Create a Menu Option for Voicemail Only

When utilizing a telephone menu, then you may produce a person menu option which the caller could select to become delivered directly into a voice recorder. Menu options are versatile and will be utilized to track callers to some destination that you would like, and this also comprises routing into voicemail.

As it gets rid of the requirement to respond to a call from somebody who must accomplish a person’s 30, this works as an addition to an own menu as they could press a few and join to your voicemail, so that the caller does not need to wait around for this to ring before being moved to voicemail.

4.    Scheduled Forwarding – Menu Options that Route to Specific Forwarding Phones

Just about a standard characteristic of a call menu, it has got the power to forward calls if somebody chooses a confirmed substitute for some phone (so) you desire.

For those who might have options 1 through 3 as an instance, you choose which phones will ring each time a caller registers on certainly some particular amounts. The phones are going to ring which you’ve put for each alternative. It might look something:

  • “Press number #1: to talk with our sales executive.
  • “Press #2 to: talk withour IT support.


5.    Email Notifications for Messages

Alerts for messages are indispensable as you may not own an instant at any moment, or else you also happen to forget an email come through on your mobile cell phone.

The primary usage for all these notifications would be really to get voicemail. You may install in your accounts fully for employees and place each mailbox to this individual’s email to approach.

Besides voicemail, you might even get notified every time a brand-new text comes directly by a person (if you should be using business text messaging).

What to Expect in 2020

New research from Statista proves that industry for VoIP will see a plunge in the market as opposed to traditional on-premise systems. The difference between the two is expected to expand within the subsequent five decades.

By 2024, the analysis projects the VoIP controlled marketplace to exceed $ 1-3 billion, in comparison to just $9 billion to on-premise.

Ensuring that these communications solutions are essential in 2020, and more VoIP phone service providers will emerge to offer the series at competitive prices in their respective regions.

With lots of organizations looking to merge the number of apps they’re currently using; it’ll soon be a surprise for people if providers begin adding their CRMS solutions and do not follow suit.

Top 6 Auto Attendant Phone Systems 2020

The auto-attendant phone system may begin with a phone menu and also incorporate business household music, telephone screening, as well as other features to your business telephone system.

The real trick to deciding on a telephone menu alternative is locating a provider that doesn’t bill for additional features if you opt to incorporate them down the road and allow one to make modifications to your call menu. Check out some of the top phone systems brands for the best-automated phone systems:

  1. Ring Central
  2. Nextiva
  3. Grasshopper
  4. Vonage
  5. 8×8

Consider: Cloud Phone Systems

To make sure that you choose the ideal voice and phone service provider for telecommunication assistance, improved network operation, and speedy access via the cloud service and technologies.

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