5P’s of Marketing Strategy: A Brief Overview


“Can you write my instant marketing assignment and help me? I do not feel like doing it.”

You would be lying if you haven’t thought this at least one time in your life as a marketing student. As per a survey, most marketing students in the UK feel the same way when they are asked to write a challenging marketing assignment. However, scoring a straight A+ in your marketing coursework without any help is possible.

In this article, we will walk you through the 5 Ps of marketing to help you dazzle your professors with unique papers. Even when it comes to pursuing a prosperous career in the field, these crucial concepts would always come in handy.

  • Product 

According to the best minds associated with eminent marketing coursework writing services, the Ps always begin with a product. Suppose you buy a jacket from a website that looked excellent on-screen. When it arrives, it is different from what you had expected. So, this inaccurately advertised item has caused you unnecessary hassle. Hence, no matter what the product or service is, it should meet the demands, satisfies, or exceed the expectations of a customer. 

  • Price 

A look at marketing coursework help samples online, and you will understand that this ‘P’ refers to the pricing strategy of a company’s product or services and how it would affect customers. The company uses this ‘P’ to determine how much the customers are prepared to pay, the profit margins, payment methods, and other costs. 

  • Promotion 

Promotion refers to the advertising, marketing, and sales technique of the products of a company. These are the promotional activities that an organisation uses to make their customers aware of their products and services. If you need help with an instant marketing assignment, read through blogs or search up the internet for more information on how this P is carried out.

  • Place

Place refers to the locations where a company’s products and services are seen, made, sold, or distributed. Suppose you visit a website for urgent marketing assignment writing service and you see that the location where the company is based isn’t mentioned on the site. Or, the site hasn’t specified how they would deliver the solutions. All these would come up Place. 

  • Physical Evidence

The fifth ‘P’ of the marketing strategy denotes physical evidence. Physical evidence refers to everything the customers see when they are interacting with the products of a company. This concept may be a bit tricky to understand. You can go through the samples written by the best marketing coursework writers for better insights.

Next time, before you ask, “Can you write my marketing coursework?” make sure to go through this article thoroughly. Understand each vital point to draft an impeccable assignment.

3 Sure-fire Marketing Tips

Postgraduate students of marketing are often asked to present insightful, well-structured coursework on various marketing topics. Problems tend to arise when students fail to get the hang of the coursework requirements and its elemental concept. As a result, they look for a marketing coursework writing help service to back them up.

  • Get the hang of the principles of marketing 

You need to implement different principles of marketing while going about your coursework. So, it is always better to brush up your knowledge on the same before initiating the task.

Know your product well, set a fair price based on the place or business and promote it accordingly. Keep these concepts in mind, and you will be able to approach any marketing coursework with absolute perfection. 

  • Develop unique slants for marketing coursework 

For instance, there’s no point writing about the same old topic related to marketing and globalisation or marketing and business strategies multiple times. It will only bring down the quality of your paper at the end of the day. Instead, work on developing unique slants related to topics such as:

  • Marketing and pandemic 
  • The history of digital marketing 
  • Life lessons taught by eminent marketers 
  • Public relations and the role of marketing 
  • Best marketing trends in 2020 

Remember that readers want something new every single time. So, clinging to monotonous subject matters will only ruin the game for you.

  • Cite all sources, ideas and works carefully 

You cannot go about your marketing coursework without referring to industry case studies, famous interviews by marketers and other works. While at it, remember to acknowledge each source with precision. 

Abide by the rules of APA, MLA, Vancouver and other referencing formats and cite all the sources and ideas used in your coursework ethically. If you still need assistance, get in touch with a reliable academic service provider for marketing coursework writing help service and refer to pre-written samples for better understanding.