6 Gym Equipment Swaps Perfect for Your Quarantine Home Workout Plans


Staying in shape in the era of social and physical distancing is way more difficult for fitness buffs who get used to visiting the gym regularly. Why? It’s because fitness studios and gym centres remain closed since the coronavirus is still lurking around.

Well, if you also find it hard to continue your daily physical activities during these stressful and troubling times, know that we got you covered. Just by scrolling through these pages, you’ll find out some of the best gym equipment swaps you might already have in your home. 

From using water bottles to gallon jugs and even your living room’s chairs and couches, you can still help yourself to keep in shape while also staying safe and healthy in your home. 

Put your workout clothes and shoes on, and find yourself a roomy place to push through with your quarantine home workout plans. So, without further ado, read and take a look at these beneficial home furniture pieces and/or objects that could deliver the best workout results just as you visit the gym!

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1. A sack of rice or a heavy tote bag for weights

First on the list is a sack of rice or a heavy tote bag for weights training. Well, you might think that weight exercises are one of the most impossible workouts to do at home, right? 

If so, let us tell you that lacking different gym equipment pieces for weights training will no longer be an excuse as long as you have a sack of rice or a tote bag to fill. A sack of rice and a tote bag filled with heavier objects like books or canned goods could be your instant gym equipment at home if you don’t have a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other weight exercise equipment to use.  

With these gym equipment swaps, you can now keep up with your weights training or exercises like a pro while also keeping up with quarantine protocols by staying home. 

2. Basketball, soccer ball, volleyball for medicine balls

Next, we have basketball, soccer ball, and volleyball as a gym equipment swaps for medicine balls. If you don’t mind knowing, exercises incorporating medicine balls are beneficial to enhance your balance and coordination. 

You can also use these gym equipment swap suggestions when doing Russian twist exercise, which is great for strengthening and toning your core muscles. 

3. Chairs or couches for chest and triceps dips

Now, go to your living room and check your chairs and couches. Done? Well, if so, know that your chairs and couches aren’t only good for lounging around while on home quarantine. 

It’s because the aforementioned home furniture pieces are also perfect gym equipment replacements for doing chest and tricep dips. So, choose your chair and start toning your arms and chest even while staying home!

4. Filled backpack for cardio activities

You might be missing the overflowing sweats on your body after every cardio activity just as you miss the life outdoors. Are we right about that? If that’s the case, make no excuses amid this home quarantine or self-isolation season because you can now make your home workout plans come true. 

If you’ve been longing to do cardio activities once again, know that you can do it with a filled backpack. Intensify your lunges, push-ups, and other cardio workouts with a backpack that’s loaded with books, canned goods, and other possible objects you have at home. 

5. Standard stairs at home for StairMaster

Down to the fifth spot, we have the standard stairs at home as a gym equipment swap for StairMaster. StairMaster is stairs-like stationary gym equipment or machine that has rotating steps like that of the treadmill, which allows the person to climb up in a set speed or duration. 

Aside from the fact that StairMaster might cost you much money for a quarantine home workout, it’s also not ideal for space-deprived homes. But don’t worry because you can use your regular stairs at home instead!

6. Water bottles or water jugs for dumbbells and kettlebells 

The last gym equipment alternatives we have on the list are water bottles or water jugs. These gym equipment swaps are a perfect replacement for dumbbells and kettlebells. 

So, if you want to intensify almost all your quarantine home exercises without using dumbbells or kettlebells, don’t throw your spare water bottles or water jugs because you may use them to push through your quarantine home workout plans.  


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