6 Ways To Drive Traffic From 8 Top Social Media Platforms

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In the digital world, traffic is everything. 

The number of conversions increases as the number of visitors increases on your landing pages. However, given the fierce competition, getting visitors to your website has become a serious challenge. And, it’s not just you – ask any digital marketer or brand owner, and they will tell you a similar story where they cannot get enough visitors on their pages because of severe competition.

During the pandemic, when everyone is surfing the web for work and entertainment, the problem of not enough traffic continues because of the heightened competition. Millions of web pages are competing for a share in global traffic. Big brands can afford to invest in paid marketing (and similar tactics) and divert a significant chunk of traffic to their pages. As a result, the smaller and emerging brands have to get creative in finding ways of bringing in more visitors to their websites.

Given this context, social media is a great source of traffic that brands of all sizes could leverage to their benefit. However, social media has its dynamics, and you need carefully planned campaigns that increase traffic to your target landing pages. 

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have gained an immense user base, and now there are millions of users active on each platform. As you can imagine, you need some really creative ideas to divert traffic from these channels. 

To give you a head start, here are some tactics that you can deploy to get more traffic from social media  

Why is Traffic From Social Media Important? 

According to a conservative estimate, the social media user base comprises more than 3.4 billion people. You can imagine the impact of the strategies that successfully bring in just a minor fraction of this user base to your eCommerce websites. In addition, you might see a sharp spike in the number of leads. However, the quality of these leads remains open to debate. 

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Social media provides a host of opportunities to access untapped audiences so that you could increase brand reach and increase traction in your industry. 

However, note that social media is not a one-way or one-time strategy. For the successful execution of the tactics that we will list below, you need several dependable tools such as a social media content calendar

A (Very) Introduction to Social Media Platforms 

Oh, hold on!  Did you just step inside the world of social media? If yes, you will look out for all the enormous social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Nonetheless, these all options are the best, but why not approach the others?  

Here we are presenting a few other options that are worth looking at as well. 

If you are new to using social media platforms for business, you might be boggled by the number of options. There are just too many platforms and every platform seems important enough to be part of your social media campaigns. 

To help you decide, here is a very brief introduction to the popular social media platforms: 


If your website or business marketing depends upon visuals, give Pinterest a try. Create and share tons of images or videos, post them to Pinterest to get more traffic from Pinterest. 


We all love watching videos, but who isn’t curious to know what’s happening behind the scenes. Capture and record exciting videos offering a behind-the-scenes look at your business or product development, and you will see good traffic flowing in from Snapchat.


Engage with community experts and share your knowledge with your Reddit followers through the popular AskMeAnything (AMA) sessions to divert several users to your pages. 

As you can see, we have excluded Facebook and Twitter because everybody knows about them.   However, the web is flooded with social media platforms, with each platform offering diverse features and potential for impact on traffic.

Ways to Drive Traffic Through Social Media 

Now that you have a good idea of the importance of social media platforms and how they add value to your traffic numbers, here are some strategies that you can deploy at the social media platforms to bring traffic to your business landing pages.

Update your Instagram Profile

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What is the first thing that catches the attention of the visitors? Your profile, isn’t it right? 

It is the first place visitors go when they are interested in a brand. On almost all social media platforms, the profile is the only location that displays all your information. 

As such, update your Instagram profile, and don’t forget to drop a link to your website so that the visitors can click through to your website. In addition, you can include the links to your landing pages in the various sections of the profile. 

Create Facebook Groups

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Does your targeted audience face a particular set of problems? 

How do you deal with it? 

It’s pretty challenging to reply to every customer on a regular basis. Fortunately, Facebook offers a great solution to this common business problem. 

Create Facebook groups. Next, invite people who you think could benefit from the discussions in the group. When users post their questions and answer other users’ queries, they would mention your business pages. 

You can kickstart the discussion by asking some users to post the questions. Alternatively, you can pin tips and guides so that every visitor to the groups could immediately have the information they need. If the pinned posts do not answer their questions, they can start the discussion by posting in the group. To save time, use a tool that supports auto-posts to Facebook groups. 

Explore Targeted Advertisements 

You may already use advertising as is one of the ways to drive traffic to your landing pages. Almost all social media platforms have ad programs that you can use to target particular customer profiles. You might have seen these ads as “sponsored posts” on Facebook. 

Now note that these advertising programs could get complex very quickly, and you might need 

to hire an expert to create the audience profile and ad types. 

Promote Blog Content 

Social media platforms are a great place to promote your content. As such, you can start with posting the latest blogs on your blog to these platforms. You will see a significant increase in the number of visitors to the blog. 

This is a very simple tactic that could result in a very high ROI. To automate the process, use the Auto-RSS feature of your preferred social media monitoring tool to push blog content to your target channels. 

Engage in Twitter Chats

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Twitter is a great platform for discovering trends in any industry. If you frequent the platform, you will come across Twitter chats, where people use hashtags to run chat sessions with tons of user engagement. One of the most significant advantages of getting engaged in the Twitter chat is that you can expand your follower list and could drive traffic to the target landing pages. 

LinkedIn Videos

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Did someone say videos? Here comes the best part – videos perform great when it comes to diverting traffic to your business websites. For many businesses, video could prove to a game-changer tactic. 

According to research, LinkedIn videos produce more than 300 million views, and their engagement rates are higher. The best way to get more traffic is to create and publish a video on LinkedIn and include a website link to the video. 

It’s A Wrap! 

It’s time, to sum up the article. Billions of users regularly use one or more social media platforms to consume content in all formats, from images to videos. We have listed some fantastic ways to drive traffic to your website from the top social media platforms.

 Before you dive in, you need to upgrade your Instagram profile, create Facebook groups to bring in your visitors. Sponsored posts are the win-win solution for promoting your business pages through your social profiles. Make it your habit to get into a conversation with users. This creates a favorable impression, and you can increase your followers that could grow into customers. 

Don’t forget to utilize platforms such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit to mix and match your marketing strategy.