7 fantastic part-time job options for students and unemployed people


When Matt Bovine moved to a different country to pursue higher studies, one of the most challenging tasks for him was to find a suitable part-time job to support his living expenses. He was looking for a job that won’t be too demanding because he had his classes and assignments to take care of.

Similarly, Jane Simmons, a mother of two, was looking for part-time job opportunities that won’t be too exhausting but, at the same time, would provide financial independence.

Like Matt and Jane, if you’re searching for part-time jobs to earn an impressive remuneration, then there are several opportunities to explore. To be more specific, we have listed down a few of the job ideas that are definitely worth considering when you want to work part-time.

  1. Translators or interpreters

These professionals mend the communication gap between individuals who speak different languages. They may have expertise in sign language as well.

Even if you are fluent, it can be tedious to translate quickly in real time, depending on the personalities of the individuals you’re translating for. Nonetheless, if you like challenges, you can certainly give this one a try.

Skills required: Minimum qualification requirements to apply for these jobs is a bachelor’s degree. Having said that, the essential skill for this job is the affinity for learning multiple languages.

  1. Website or Graphic Designer

Technology and the internet come with gifts abound. Well, that’s definitely true in case of the jobs related to website or graphic designing.

Website or graphic designers can look for incredible freelancing opportunities from the online job portals. Many companies are willing to put their money on freelancing web or graphic designers. The best part is that you only need to devote a few hours to design websites, fix problems, and hand it over to your clients.

Skills required: Excellent coding skills and familiarity with different programming languages.

  1. Tutoring

Providing tutoring services is a great way to earn a steady flow of cash part-time. Also, imparting valuable knowledge is one of the greatest gifts you can give to another individual. Moreover, you only need to spend 2-3 hours daily and help students in need of academic assistance.

The options are endless, in this case. If you can’t teach high school mathematics or physics, you can teach primary school English or even offer art or music classes. You can provide tutoring services through online assignment websites. In this case, read the reviews from different sites before applying for jobs.

If you’re tutoring students who are at higher academic levels, then you need to be qualified in a specific area.

Skills required: Great verbal communication skills and the ability to simplify complex ideas.

  1. Blogging and creative writing

If you’re well-versed with blogging and have a flair for writing, this one is made for you. Many people have a full-time career as a blogger and content creator, but you can do it on a part-time basis as well.

You can even start your independent blog on a specific niche with bare minimum resources, or provide your services for other clients. You can check out Freelancer or Elance to find part-time opportunities for blogging.

Skills required: You need to have basic computer skills and a little understanding of technology and excellent writing skill.

  1. Sales associate

Sales associate jobs are again the most commonly held part-time jobs. Sales associates have flexibility in terms of shift coverage and scheduling. This flexibility can be useful during the stressful weeks in college when you’re still pursuing your education.

Also, many seasonal sales associate jobs open up during the peak holiday months, which is a bonus for those of you who need to make extra money.

Skills required: Having excellent communication skills and organisations skills will lead to your success as a sales associate.

  1. Insurance agent

You can become an insurance agent for a renowned insurance company and make money for every policy you sell to your clients.

“It’s a convenient option for many students and even homemakers to make good money. This way, you can earn sufficient money even if you’re able to take the policy of 20%-30% of known people in your circle”, believes Brian Fleming, an academic expert from MyAssignmenthelp.

Skills required: You need to have excellent persuasion skills to succeed as an insurance agent.

  1. Social media assistant

Many brick-and-mortar businesses look for young employees to run their social media accounts. That’s because young people are social media savvy and hold considerable knowledge about the various platforms.

The best things about these jobs are that they can be carried out remotely and only require a few hours. You’ll be required to perform responsibilities like scheduling posts for a social media campaign, uploading images and infographics, offering customer service, etc. You can also take it up as a full-time job once you have relevant experience in this area.

Skills required:  General understanding of various social media platforms and excellent writing skill.

Wrapping it up,

Whether you’re a student, stay-at-home mother or you’re recently retired, there’s something for everyone if you’re looking for a lucrative part-time job opportunity. All in all, most of the options listed here are definitely worth a shot.

Author bio: Ricky is a recruiting manager for a distinguished organisation in Australia. Ricky has completed her MBA in human resources management from Federation University. He has experience in talent acquisition and recruitment and is also an expert for sites likeTopassignmentreviews.com and Trustedessayreviews.com.