7 Tips to Select A Perfect Top-Layer For Your Style

7 tips

When you step out of the lockdown, you are probably going to want to look your best. Staying indoors all these months have made our craving for some eye-catching outfits strong. Not just women, men all around the globe are eager to step out in their smart looks. We have assembled some rule of thumbs you need to follow post lockdown when styling your top-layers.

Prior Planning 

Your style defines your personality’s aspects. If you do not want to give off an impression that seems fake and not you, start planning your outfits. You can take multiple inspirations from around you, including the Kaneda red leather jacket (a classic we can never get over!). It is not only a tribute to a decades-old handsome hero, but it is a statement jacket speaking volumes about your taste!

Follow a celebrity whose style matches yours or get an idea from a famous blogger who is good at reviewing apparel. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual get-together, you do not want to show up in mismatched clothes. From designers to stylists, everyone stresses planning your outfit before you have to wear it.

Perfect Fit

Your outfit might look staggering and earn a bunch of compliments for you, but it is useless if it does not fit you properly. Whether you want a baggy silhouette or a cropped one, your top-layer needs to be precisely your size for a dapper look.

A perfect example of a relaxed and snug fit is a biker jacket. This jacket hugs your physique like a glove without stifling you. This outstanding quality is what keeps this article in the spotlight for every new generation. Very few jackets influence fashion, similar to biker ones. Your style can benefit in several ways from this timeless piece of clothing!

Comfortable Inner Linings 

Have you ever suffered from carrying a heavy top layer or going through a meeting with a stiff blazer? These things happen when you do not think twice before buying. Always make sure your jacket or blazer has an inner lining that provides comfort for long hours.

You cannot skip one jacket to another if you are running errands or trying to save an hour in your busy schedule. Inner linings play a considerable role in making your outfit easy and laidback. Your blazer can look cut-throat from outside, but the lining can give you a whole new experience.

Striking Details 

When you enter a room, everyone automatically looks at what you are wearing. The first article that snatches the attention is your outerwear. Will you ever look again at something that looks boring or ordinary? If not, then you already know the importance of a striking set of details.

From color to exterior details, patches and embroideries enhance the style and contribute to your cunning persona. You can distinguish yourself from the masses by selecting a piece that screams your personality. A bold zipper or front buttons are another way of adding a personalized touch to your outfits.

With leather jackets now becoming more popular in bold colors, adding pop details has become much more comfortable than it used to be. It shows that designers and stylists prefer variety and differences rather than sticking to a uniform-like appearance.

Solids underneath your outerwear 

A printed blazer or bright colored outerwear is indeed a gem! After all, there is no harm in trying things out of your comfort zones. A different hue, striking palette, or bulky prints always bring a good change in your wardrobe. But while many feel accomplished by pulling an unusual look, many still love their monochromatic style.

As much as we would like to dress up in clothes that only look good on a red carpet, realistic fashion is an entirely different tale. From work to parties, red carpet apparel can never go with what we find appropriate in our settings. To stay on the safe side, a solid colored t-shirt or a button-down (if you want to take the formal route) works like magic with any top wear.


Your outerwear selection demands some accessories as well. A well-planned outfit always has its supporting piece. Some of the examples of accessories that you can pull with a terrific Cafe Racer Retro Distressed Jacket are:

  • Boots
  • Statement Tie (optional)
  • Dark Toned Shades
  • Leather Gloves

Go Vintage

A classic piece, the vintage jacket is your favorite option if you want to channel the vintage vibes most comfortably. Bright red with authentic details hailing from the decades’ old anime movie, this jacket is known for its modern hidden features.

Fast fashion might be going at a rocket’s speed, but some outfits always stay. One of these is the vintage leather jackets that work well with almost all smart casuals.