Before setting your hands to your first vape kit or before buying your first one, you must understand that there are several things you need to be familiar with beforehand. Aside from the vaping itself, vaping options and the vaping etiquette, choosing an eliquid or vape juice is also something you need to know first. 


For a complete novice in vaping, the seemingly unlimited selections of eliquid or vape juice flavours and brands might be both confusing and mind-blowing. Aside from the world of choices of eliquid flavours before your eyes, there’s also the so-called nicotine level, which you should check out first before taking further actions in vaping. 


So, if you’re one of the novice vapers who’s reading this article right now, know that this is your chance to learn about eliquid or vape juice. Dig into the next few pages and familiarise yourself with eliquid to ensure a satisfying vaping experience.


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What is vaping?

Whether you already know what vaping is all about, it’s better if we start by discussing what vaping is before proceeding to the eliquid matters. 


Vaping is an act or habit of inhaling a vapour produced by the vaping device or an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette for short). An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device with a cartridge, which commonly consists of liquids such as the flavourings, nicotine, and other chemicals. 


The act of inhaling the liquid heated into vapour results in the term called “vaping”. So to say, vaping is more like a modern way of smoking. 


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What is an eliquid or vape juice? 

Now that you’re more familiar with vaping and why it’s called “vaping”, let’s now discuss what an eliquid is, and its essence in vaping. An eliquid is also known as vape juice or e-juice, which fuels the vaping device or e-cigarette.  


Eliquid is the chemical infused into your vape pen, which gives flavour (and also nicotine if you’re using nicotine eliquids) to the vapour. It produces the vapes to which you exhale that resembles the practice of traditional smoking.


What are the usual ingredients of eliquid? 

Eliquid usually consists of four main ingredients. The flavourings, nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG), are the eliquid’s primary ingredients. Since flavouring and nicotine are easier to understand, the PG and VG need more explanation as they’re crucial to the overall vaping practice. 


Propylene glycol or commonly known as PG

It’s the petroleum by-product that gives vapers the ‘throat hit’ or the similar sensation that smokers can get from tobacco smoking. PG is a colourless, odourless, and lightly syrupy liquid that’s a little thicker than water. Usually, PG helps in delivering the maximum flavours of things such as food.


Vegetable glycerine or commonly known as VG

Although it’s likewise odourless like PG, VG is thicker and has a little sweet taste. It’s a natural chemical, which gives vapers the ‘thick’ sensation to enjoy while vaping. 


Understanding nicotine and the importance of the nicotine level or strength in vaping:


Nicotine is the addictive ingredient or component that cigarettes also have. You take further actions in vaping or purchase an eliquid without nicotine. But for some, especially those who want to shift from tobacco smoking to vaping, they prefer to include nicotine in their eliquids.


Check this out to help you choose the nicotine strength or preference is best for you. 


  • 0mg/ml

    Eliquid without nicotine is best for absolute non-smokers or individuals who solely want to give vaping a try. With this nicotine preference, you’re free to choose and enjoy whatever eliquid or vape juice flavours you would like to try. 


  • 3mg/ml

    Eliquid with this nicotine level or strength is best for social smokers or people who smoke once or twice a week.  This nicotine level is most likely nicotine-free that suits smokers who aspire to learn what vaping is all about.


  • 6mg/ml

    Eliquid with this nicotine level or strength is the usual launch point for regular smokers who are planning to switch to vaping. This nicotine strength makes going up or down the nicotine hierarchy much easier for vapers or smokers. 


  • 12mg/ml

    Eliquid with this nicotine level or strength is the best choice for pack-a-day traditional smokers. This nicotine level gives ‘throat hit’ with a rougher sensation, which might be unappealing for first-time smokers or vapers. 


  • 18mg/ml

Eliquid with this nicotine level or strength is for hardcore smokers or vapers. This nicotine level suits those smokers who don’t think twice to finish several packs of cigarettes.


Remember, the higher the eliquid’s nicotine level or strength, the rougher the overall vaping experience awaits.


Vibing with vaping: Learning about eliquids and beyond


We assumed that you learned that there’s more to vaping than what you see before your naked eyes. Vaping isn’t something you would only do because you solely wanted to experience it or transition from tobacco smoking to vaping. 


So, with this essential vaping and eliquid guide, we hope that you’ve been enlightened enough. And if you have friends or family who also wants to give vaping a shot like you, then don’t hesitate to share them this article. 



Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with Bachelor of library and information science on the side. She now writes for a few Australian, European, and NZ-based companies. For a smooth vaping experience, visit, Simply Eliquid, a UK-based business that retails quality vaping or e-liquid products from the best brands, and get the best deals! 

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