A Detailed Knowledge About Custom Boxes Design Options

Custom Boxes

The number of products in the retail market are the highest ever. Because of ease of selling your products through online sources, the retail market has reached unprecedented heights. Now, more and more brands are introducing their products both in the online and traditional market.

Every retail product requires some type of packaging, whether it is a routine product or a luxury item. Therefore, the demand for packaging for packaging has multiplied as compared to previous years.

To fulfill such gigantic demand, there are many different types of packaging boxes. There is a wide variety of boxes including mailers, double wall tuck fronts, sliders, tuck tops, etc. Any retail brand can have these boxes from the market and start selling their products.

The problem with ready-made retail boxes from the market is that they have standard designs which means you will have to compromise on some of the aspects of your packaging. That compromise can be on durability, quality, presentation, or some other aspects. Moreover, if your product has unusual dimensions or sizes, finding a suitable packaging can be a lot of trouble.

Therefore, a better approach for your packaging is by having a custom packaging. A custom packaging gets you all the aspects you want. There are many options you can go with when you are having a custom packaging.

The options include the choice of materials, type of boxes, sizes, dimensions, printing, finishing, and many other customizations.

Choice of Materials

Material of a packaging has a lot depending on it. The customizability and durability of any packaging greatly depends on your choice of materials. Thus, depending upon your requirement you can choose the suitable material.

If you want to ship your products to distant locations, the best option are the corrugated boxes. The corrugated boxes are durable, sturdy, and shock proof. But when you need a packaging for your routine products, that are going to be displayed on the retail shelves, the customizable card stock boxes are a better option.

Moreover, if you want to take an eco-friendly approach with your packaging, you can also do that. The Kraft material is recyclable and biodegradable; thus, with these boxes you can have a retail packaging that does not harm the nature.

People are now more conscious about mother nature. That is why the Kraft packaging boxes have become very popular packaging around the world.

Custom Sizes, Dimensions, and Shapes

With a custom packaging, you can choose whatever dimensions you want in your packaging. Instead of staying bound to the dimensions available in the market, you can have your packaging customized with the dimensions of your choice.

The custom sizes and dimensions also allow you pack any product of your choice.

Types of Boxes

The type of box you use has a huge impact on the presentation and the durability. For instance, you can use mailer boxes if you want a packaging that is suitable for shipping. Moreover, if you to have a unique packaging, you can go with hexagon boxes.

Many different types of boxes are there. Thus, you select any box packaging that is fitting your requirements.


Printing of a packaging has a huge impact on the presentation of the packaging. A colorful box with nice printing catches more attention than a bland brown box packaging. Usually there are two types of printing: CMYK and PMS. As for what you can print on your boxes, you can print anything. Literally anything. Whether you want images, colorful designs, abstract patterns or any thing else. You can have anything you want printed on your packaging.

Apart from the usual printing, you can also brand your product packaging with printing options. You can have your logos, taglines, company info, and other branding details.


Finishing is something that uplifts your presentation to the next level. That is why it is an important aspect of any packaging. There are many printing options you can go with including gloss, matte, embossing, debossing, foiling, holographic, soft-touch, spot UV, and many other options.

With the right combination of finishing and printing, your packaging can become a piece of art.

Other Customizations

The list of customizations you get with your custom packaging do not end here as there are many other customizations you can have. For instance, you have perforations and see-through windows. These options make your packaging unique and eye-catching.