Bathroom & Basin Taps for Sheer Functionality & Aesthetics


Your bathroom is more than a washroom, it’s a living area to generate the feel-good factor. In these days, shower spaces are getting bigger, and newer materials like glass are introduced that lend the bathroom a refined and modish character. Premium quality basin taps and bathroom mixer taps will make your bathroom highly-functional and comfy.

A handy list has been compiled to assist you, so you can avoid the most common traps and choose the right taps that nicely blends with your bathroom’s aesthetics and function efficiently for many years to come. The safest way is to go with reputed brands like grohe.

 Tap Material

If you’re after a premium quality basin and bathroom taps that withstand the test of time, then many factors signal a high-quality built standard.

Solid Brass Taps: Brass tapware is extremely popular among interior decorators for a good reason — the metal looks swish, oozing out an affluent and vital chocolatey colour; besides, they are highly resistant to rust. Some leading tap manufacturers provide ‘pure virgin brass’ taps, which contain no impurities whatsoever and the water flowing from it doesn’t have an odd taste that’s commonly found from regular bathroom taps.

Ceramic Disc Taps: Taps with ceramic discs instead of, the conventional rubber washers are much more durable and strong to deterioration, thus, making them an enduring alternative.

 Tap Holes

You need to know the number of tap holes that’s on your basin, bidet and bath because your tap will require matching.

  • Bathtubs: Standard acrylic baths don’t have tap holes, so your installer would have to drill the holes required for your preference of bath taps. With cast iron baths, steel and stone resin — drilling holes are not possible, which restricts you to use pre-drilled holes. If there are no holes, you’ll require selecting a separate wall-mounted or floor-standing tap.
  • Bidets: The Majority of bidets available on the market come with a single tap hole, so buying bidet taps are easier.
  • Basins: Bathroom sinks are available with one, two and three pre-drilled tap holes. Modern basins come with a single tap hole that will house a mono-mixer tap. Traditional-styled basins come with two holes for separate cold and hot pillar taps. A 3-tap hole basin houses cold and hot handles and a separate water spout.

Tap Finishes

 Tap finish or coating plays a very crucial role in terms of functionality and overall bathroom design. Today, taps come in a variety of different finishes to suit your bathroom decor that includes:

  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Black

Pick Your Style

The tap style you select will have a huge impact on the entire look and feel of your bathroom, and lovely taps can become central points of attraction. Moreover, a quick and easy way to breathe fresh new life into your existing bathroom is by replacing your old and exhausted taps. However, you need to make sure to choose taps that harmonise each other visually because a bathroom with mismatched taps will look completely out of place. You can choose between the modern-styled and traditional-styled bathroom and basin taps.

Modern Taps: They come with clean lines, minimalist designs and geometric styling for offering a sleek and refined look. They are available with stylish features like touch-sensitive operation and waterfall spouts.

Traditional Taps: They come with classy features of the yesteryear like the Edwardian-style ceramic inserts, cross-head handles and elegant detailing. Baths with embellished bath shower mixers and basins with conventional pillar taps arouse an eternal elegance that never looks dated.

 Buy Taps that Suit Your Home’s Water Pressure!

To enjoy a good flow of running water from your taps, you must select taps that are right for your home’s water pressure. Rule of the thumb is two handles and pillar taps can operate effectively with low pressure whereas, the majority of the single-lever mixers, wall-mount and floor-standing taps will require high-water pressure to operate efficiently.

Final Words

Bathroom taps can make or break a bathroom design! A great variety of bathroom taps for sale are put up on the market. With hundreds of different designs available, you’re only spoilt for choice, which also means you have to be very cautious so that you end up buying the right taps for your bathroom.