Build Smart, Beautiful WordPress Forms While Exploring Different Add-Ons of Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms PayPal Express

Do you Want to design attractive and engaging forms for your website but don’t have the technical know-how? If yes, then drop all your worries as the Ninja Forms Plugin is the ultimate solution for you that will let you design the most engaging forms of different types for your website without any technical knowledge. According to professionals, this is one of the best form builders for WordPress that is simplifying the task of users with its intuitive drag and drop form builder. The Ninja Forms is the core plugin that is 100% free and it comes with a variety of paid add-ons. Currently, this powerful, flexible, and versatile form builder is securing the position in the marketplace as one of the topmost WordPress form builder with over a million active installations. Since the day this plugin is introduced in the marketplace, it is constantly updated with all the latest features and bug fixes to efficiently meet the ever-growing needs and requirements of the users.

To extend the functionality of the core plugin, you will need the add ons that you can get as per the requirement of your website form and it solely depends upon the design of the form that can be a simple or a complex design. As a user, you have the option to choose the addon depending on your requirement. The premium addons of this powerful form builder will let you unlock the advanced features like Ninja Forms conditional logic, mailing list integrations, Ninja Forms Pay Pal, Ninja Forms File Upload, and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? If you also want to bring more advancement to the forms of your website that can positively contribute to make them more engaging and interactive for the visitors of your site then, explore various premium addons of Ninja Forms Plugin and handpick them according to your requirement. Let’s take a deep dive into details of various premium add-ons that you can get to extend the functionality of the Ninja form builder plugin. So, let’s get started!

Different Premium Add-Ons of Ninja Forms Plugin:

  1. Ninja Forms Conditional Logic

The Ninja Forms Conditional Logic addon is one of the most advanced and most loved addon by the users. This addon will enable the users to create smart, interactive forms that react to your visitor’s actions. With the support of this feature, you will be able to add so much excitement to your website form. To know more, let’s take a closer look!

Show and Hide Form Fields

You can choose to show or hide the form fields according to the user’s input. You can easily change the conditional statement, or add a new one. For example, the submit button will appear on the screen of the users only when they will agree to the terms and conditions.

Add or Remove Items from a List Field

You can easily add or remove items from a list field of your website form. For example, if the user chooses the premium subscription package then, they will get free customer support for a year but if they opt for any other package then, the Customer Support Package will automatically disappear from their screen.

Option to Change Field Values 

After installing and activating the Ninja Forms Conditional Logic, the users have the option to change the field values of their form as well. For example, if the user selects the ‘Member’ from the form then, the Field with Discount value will be changed to the 20% Off.

  1. Ninja Forms Pay Pal

The Ninja Forms Pay Pal Add-On is specifically designed and developed to offer ease to the users so that they can set up their website Form to Collect Payments from the visitors in just a click of a button. It is one of the user-friendly and the most compatible way to collect payments on your WordPress website. This addon is really very simple to use and can also be considered as one of the safest methods to accept payment from the users. To use this addon for your WordPress site, what you need to do is just install and setup the PayPal Express add-on with your account’s API credentials and create your account on Ninja Forms Pay Pal and then you are all set to accept payments from the users by adding a Collect Payment action to your form.

  1. Ninja Forms File Upload

The Ninja Forms File Upload is the addon that enables you to allow the users of your site to submit applications, upload resumes, upload pictures, music files, even video, or anything else. You just need to install and activate this add-on for your website and then, you can easily add the upload field to the form of your website. This is the best way to collect data from your website visitors as well. It offers safe and secure file uploads for your website as it also restrict Unreasonable Sized Files to maintain the safety and security of the site. The users can easily upload the files like documents, images, media, and more on WordPress, Google Drive, Dropbox, or anywhere else without facing any kind of trouble. So, what are you waiting for? Add an Upload Field to any Form!

Final Verdict:

If you want to build up your website form easily with all essential advancements then, you should get the Ninja Forms Plugin with the premium addon that comes with this plugin. Purchasing premium add-ons individually might seem like a nice strategy because you’ll only have to pay for what you need. These premium add-ons of Ninja Forms are known to enhance the plugin’s functionality. Just go for it to explore a whole new experience of form building for your site.