Check latest Earring Packaging Design at the Premium Boxes


Earring boxes are manufactured from rigid cardboard not just to provide added security and protection to the delicate entities that are to be packaged in them but also to lend the outlook of the boxes a dynamic and premium look. They can be designed in any way that their consumer may want to have them. Their surfaces are polished and premium made with the help of state of the art surface finishes in gloss or matte textures. Their features are enhanced in attraction with the help of precise die cuts and addition of best quality reflective windows. They are an ideal choice if the sale of the earrings needs to be skyrocketed. There are several packaging brands in the market offering different packaging designs for earrings. The Premium Boxes appears to be the best choice among all of them as they offer great value for money. Let us see some of the most incredible designs that they are offering.

The Magnetic Touch

There are only a few packaging types that get as popular as the magnetic Earring boxes. They have truly transformed the ornaments market with their excellent visual appeal and other prominent qualities. Since they are usually used for packaging expensive and luxury items, they are also a fantastic choice for earrings. Although they have a simple mechanism, they still have great appeal thanks to its sophisticated appearance. The bottom part of the box has got a base or tray that is used for storing earrings. It has also got a magnet. It is made strong and sturdy so that the box can stay at its place and is stable during shipping. The top part is a lid that contains a magnet too. For closing the box, the lid is simply put in its place and the magnets attached to each other. This is an effective mechanism and works perfectly.

Sleeve & Tray

This custom earring boxes design is one of the most innovative ones provided by The Premium Boxes. Its usage is mostly reserved for luxury items such as earrings. It has a very innovative mechanism that is not seen in any other design. Basically, it consists of two separate parts. One is the tray, as usual, for keeping products such as earrings. The second part stands out and makes this packaging what it is. It is a sleeve that can be shifted back and forth on top of the base. This movement ensures opening or closing of the box in a unique and effective way. The sleeve also creates a double layer because it covers the base from all sides. This adds to the protection levels of the box. Also, sleeve packaging is manufactured from affordable and quality materials such as cardboard and rigid that highly protective.

The Partition

This is another popular earring packaging boxes design that is being used all over the world for packaging jewelry items such as earrings. What makes it unique is its ability to store more products than alternatives. Offered in excellent quality by The Premium Boxes, brands that do not have the fortune to spend can look into this option and find incredible value for their hard-earned money. There are partitions in this box that can be used for storing different types of earrings based on color, designs, and size. This has two benefits. One is that different earrings are stored at different spots making it easier for customers to identify and them and keep them at their specified spots later on. Secondly, it cuts down the costs because one box can store many earrings, instead of having separate boxes for each of them. Having these partitions also enhances the protection offered to different earrings because it gives the box a layered structure.

The Window Cut

When it comes to displaying products of any kind, there is nothing better in the world of packaging than the window cut cardboard earring boxes. For some time, they have become the epitome of the best display packaging designs. That is why so many brands have started using them for their ornaments. They are a versatile kind of boxes that can be used for both average products as well as the more expensive ones such as earrings. As they focus on display which is their strength too, there is a window attached to the front side of the box. This is a transparent window that lets customers see through it. The Premium Boxes offers excellent window cut designs at prices that are unbeatable. The quality of the packaging is unmatched as well. These are the best designs offered by The Premium Boxes. This incredible company not only offers quality earring packaging but also keeps its prices low to facilitate its customers. The materials they use for manufacturing are durable and long-lasting while the shipping strategies they use are perfectly adopted for smooth deliveries. All in all, they are a great choice and deserve to be given a try.