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If you are in New Haven County or more specifically Orange, Connecticut and are looking for custom jewelry design then there is only one place that you need to go! That place is called Diamond Designs. Diamond Designs which is a small family owned business, sells a wide variety of jewelry including watches, rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even more! The store also offers a unique version of making and buying jewelry through custom jewelry design. Customers have the opportunity to chat with employees about the best way to purchase their designed custom jewelry that you have planned yourself. The staff also is able to help customers plan how they want their custom jewelry to look. Customers find this process very excited as they cannot wait to see what their finished product has turned out! The Diamond Designs teams works their hardest in order to get their customers jewelry made and ready into the customers hands as soon as possible. Diamond Designs staffers prioritize customer experience and try to make the buyers experience as special and unforgettable as possible. Customers are truly able to express themselves through custom jewelry and are able to get exactly what they want their jewelry to look like. Diamond Designs is the best at getting this job done! Diamond Designs is fantastic at helping customers navigate through the market of custom jewelry, helping them plan the customer design and plan the piece they desire to add to their jewelry collection.

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Diamond Designs located in Orange, Connecticut is a jewelry store which largely focuses on custom designs. This store has the most experienced and trained jewelers! Staffers pride themselves on their knowledge of any and every piece that you may want. Complex craftsmanship goes in to making your watch, ring, or necklace unique! We at Diamond Designs want to ensure the customers how we take pride in every job brought to us. Our environment is very open and welcoming making you feel completely comfortable satisfied with any purchase that you make! Give us a shot and become part of the Diamond Designs family by stopping into our jewelry store in Orange, CT or our website dia-designs.com. We can guarantee your joy and satisfaction with us! 

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Diamond Designs is regarded as one of the best jewelry stores in the state of Connecticut. This small local business, located in Orange, Connecticut is family owned and is always looking out for their customers and clientele. They want every one of their clients to not only feel satisfied, but joyful and excited about their in store experiences. Diamond Designs ensures this through their second to none customer service as well as their fantastic and wide array of jewelry. Diamond Designs sells so many types of jewelry, but the most elegant and beautiful is the gold byzantine earrings. Our highly trained designers at Diamond Designs have generated an impressive portfolio of byzantine earrings with some of the most unique and magnificent designs. Close attention to detail is a clear distinctive feature our staff at Diamond Designs as they have done everything in order to create these splendid pieces. Come by Diamond Designs today to try a pair or to talk with one of our highly skilled designers about the latest in gold byzantine earring design.