Essential Suggestions for People who wear Prescription Glasses

Prescription Glasses

Do you think that wearing prescription glasses is enough for maintaining healthy eyesight? If the answer is in affirmative then that is not the case. Even after getting your eyes checked and wearing prescription glasses on a regular basis, your eye health can deteriorate if you do not take enough measures to take care of your eyes.

Health Tips for People with Prescription Glasses

  1.     Clean Lenses

Clean your glasses every once in a while, to ensure unrestricted vision. With glasses which are dirty, dusty or with blotches, the whole reason for wearing prescription glasses gets nullified. Always carry a soft cloth and a lens cleaning solution for an improved vision.

  1.     Wear your Glasses all the Time

If an optician has recommended you to wear power glasses then you should use them all the time to avoid headaches or eye strain. A careless attitude can lead to further damage to the eyes. If you don’t feel comfortable in the beginning, just don’t stop wearing them. Adjusting to new glasses can take some time. Designer prescription glasses can save you from the taunts of mean people and you can even end up looking cooler.

  1.     Eye Check-ups

Eye check-ups are a mandatory thing for not only people with glasses but also for everybody else. Once a year eyes should be tested by an optometrist to check whether there is any change in power or not. Any other eye-related disease can be also ruled out by these check-ups.

  1.     Say No to Sharing

It is an old saying that sharing is caring but this cannot be applied to everything, especially not to prescription glasses. Even if you have a similar prescription to somebody, sharing glasses is never an option because it is not considered hygienic.

  1.     Comfort Over Looks

Prescription glasses have to be worn all the time so it is best to buy glasses which are comfortable, light-weight and steady. Nowadays glasses in different shapes and colours can also be bought with a prescription. This way nobody gets to compromise with their looks.

  1.     Computer Glasses

People with prescription glasses should opt for wearing blue light blocking glasses with their prescription as it will help them in protecting their eyes from the harmful blue rays emitted by the digital screens.

  1.     UV Protection Glasses

Prolonged exposure of UVA and UVB rays is harmful to the eyes. Before buying glasses or sunglasses, it is necessary to make the glasses equipped with an anti-UV coating to protect the eyes from sun damage.


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