How to bring happiness to your kids using kids Rugs


If you plan to design a beautiful room for kids, you are going to struggle with the ideas initially. The easy looking task involves a lot of planning and ingenuity. Kids often admire a multitude of colors, textures, and styles and you might have to incorporate all the aspects and bring the best interiors with surpassing aesthetics.

Before you plan, wait, and think. Is this what your child would feel happy about? If you are still unsure, this blog requires your serious attention. Rugs and carpets can often play a game-changing role when it comes to decorating a room. Read through the 3 key elements that can help you drive through the answer.

Observe What Excites! Keep a Keen Eye on the Young One

Toddlers find happiness in everything. Painting a wall, crushing old papers, preparing paper boats, or just running around, kids can extract a smile in each moment they live. However, there are sure to be some instances that they enjoy the most. Some kids seem excited when playing a basketball game while some can drive a toy car across the city. When you keenly observe what brings bliss to your kid, the first stage is solved. Furnish My Place has a wide variety of rugs for kids with unique themes, patterns, and designs that will bring you what you are looking for like basketball area rug for kids room. Make your choice from a City Map rug or choose a basketball area rug for your kid’s room and surprise them with something they love to do.

Let the Colors Spill Some Magic

Kid’s rooms are supposed to be vibrant, artistic, and playful. They enjoy having bright and unique shades around them. People often tend to make mistakes in their colour choices and end up making the room look overdone. Instead, of investing efforts in adding colors to the walls, consider having bright and colourful rugs that can add value to the overall aesthetics. Educational rug by Furnish My Place is a perfect blend of shades and concept. They enhance the interiors in a minimalist manner and inculcate educational habits in your kids simultaneously. The ABC Kid’s Area Rug is designed with numbers, alphabets, and shapes that allow you to teach them during a fun activity. They have anti-skid backing that ensures a safe experience, thus making the kid’s rug collection a preferable choice for most young parents.


Think About Adding a Personal Play Area

Children love playing and hopping around everywhere. If the idea of a lavish playroom for your kids does not suit your pocket, here’s an alternative to help you sail through. Rugs based on gaming themes can solve your purpose, without consuming money or space in excess. Furnish My Place features a versatile collection of rugs with basketball and baseball themes that are sure to go complement the interior decor themes of your kid’s room. These rugs are specially designed to improve the gross motor skills of your children while making them their play area. Easy to fold and clean, these kid’s rugs are low maintenance that makes them a perfect choice for the parents. To ensure maximum safety, the anti-skid backing is specifically designed to avoid accidental slipping when the young ones wish to hop and jump around the room.

Furnish My Place has everything that can make the smile on your kid’s face brighter. Explore through some amazing designs and patterns that will blend with the existing schemes of your kid’s room and accentuate its overall aesthetics.