How to Create an App like Uber for a Successful Online Taxi Business


The online taxi business is one of the flourishing businesses today. It has all been possible because of the transformation in traditional business style and transition in the technological aspects. The medium of business has changed. It has shifted from traditional markets to online or electronic markets where one can buy and sell anything anytime.

Most of the businesses have their own apps, websites, social media pages to reach out to their customers and also to create an emotional bond with them which eventually leads to user engagement and customer loyalty. Thanks to the modern technology for inventing smartphones which are the biggest assets for a brand to engage customers. Smartphones have become an addiction to millions of people. Keeping that in mind, brands could easily access people’s thoughts by showing them constant ads according to their needs.

Moving ahead with the online taxi industry Uber has been the number one since the day it launched in the market. The creators of Uber have made the ultimate smart move by utilizing the smartphone addiction of people to launch an app that hit directly on the customer need which is to have an app that can play the role of convenient transport.

They identified and filled the gap present in the market by introducing an app that can pick up customers from their doorstep and drop them at their destinations in the least possible time with the least possible fairs. All of that through just a simple smartphone app.

Now here is the thing for you. If you plan to invest in a business, or if you want to be a part of a successful industry. Investing in the online taxi industry is the right thing for you to do. Here are five steps through which you can create an app like Uber and try your brains to make it look unique.

  • Create a Business Plan and USP 

Remember, in the above-mentioned paragraph it said to create an app “like” Uber, this means you can take Uber as an inspiration but not copy it exactly. Plan everything you want your business to have. Pen down each step and thing you think in the first place. How do you want your app to look like, how will it accommodate different vehicles, what tracking system will it have, which location is it going to serve to, what areas will it cover, how many drivers will you need, how much investment do you need, how many vehicles will work for you, how are you going to take care of their safety and security, who is going to be your target audience, etc. Analyze and plan everything properly.

Along with all these questions, you need to have a Unique Selling Point (USP) in your app. Think of what new you can offer to the customers because if you do not have anything unique, your app might not get the required attention.

  • Do a Thorough Market Research 

Market research is the most important factor when you try to identify market needs. You need to do thorough and detailed research on what people want next and where is the gap in the market. Following this, keep one thing in mind, that there is always a gap in the market and it is never fully satisfied.

When Uber entered it also identified the gap that people need an easy cab service to pick and drop. They did not just randomly create an app. The creation of the app was backed up by complete market research. They dug out about what their potential customers expectations from an app were through proper research.

  • Create a Mock App 

Once you pen down everything and know what the customer needs, it is time for you to create a mock app for your original app. Remember the time in school when you used to give mocks before the actual exams just to be sure that you don’t mess up on the day of the final exam. A mock app is exactly like this, you create a mock app to check for any flaws, mistakes, or blunders so that your original app when you launch it in the market is perfect. If there are any issues you fix them and make your app flawless.

  • Launch the App

Now since your app is perfect and needs no more modifications, put it on play store. Play Store is the hub for all the existing apps in the world. Launching your app on the play store will make it easier for your customers to download the app from there than from any other platform.

  • Do Buzz Marketing of The App 

Buzz marketing is the best way to create buzz for your app, it is to let customer know that you exist. Market the app at every possible place in order for the app to be visible to everyone, doesn’t matter if they are in your target population or no. Follow the basic rules of marketing which are the Visibility of the product and Availability of the product.

The more visible your app will be to your customers the better chances of them trying it will be there. The next most important thing is to be available to your customers anytime they need your services because if you miss it once there is no way the customer will come again.

Precisely, when launching a new app in the market, follow these steps, you can always modify these according to what you want your business to be like. However, one most important thing to keep in consideration is that customer is the king of the market, anything you do should show that it is for your customers and their betterment.

Do not try to steal ideas from others because the king will know where have you got that from and your market value (if established any in that respective time) will end up at zero again. If you stay loyal and dedicated to your goals, this business will do wonders in playing its part in your success.