How to Decorate Home Simply on Your Parents Wedding Anniversary

Parents Wedding Anniversary

Whether they are in their 25th, 30th, or 40th wedding year, their wedding anniversary is a very pleasant and exciting moment for you to do something for your parents. Their anniversary is the moment when you can express your love to them for whatever they have done for you. And you shouldn’t miss such an opportunity.

You should start planning for throwing a party and decorating home on your parents’ anniversary a little earlier. Here are some useful tips for your help:

Go with a theme

Through family talking or as per your knowledge, you would have an idea on how long your parents have been together after their marriage. The time of their marriage could be 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, or 50 years. As a son or daughter, you will surely know the years your parents are living together for you and your well-being. Suppose that, it’s the 25th year of their wedding. You should make a theme that suits for the silver jubilee celebration of your parents’ marriage. Whatever you do to celebrate, make silver as a theme of your parents’ wedding anniversary.

Include a slide show

Install a large television or a screen for a projector in your decoration to telecast their memories since the beginning of their married life. Create a slide show by including the images and videos of your parents when they were very young and energetic. Whatever pictures you include in creating the slideshow, keep the same in a chronological way. If possible, start with the one when your parents met with each other. You can exclude the tough time from the content of the slide show to keep it happier and emotional, as the wedding anniversary of parents is a pleasant moment for all of your family members.

Start decoration from the entrance

The entrance of your home is crucial for everyone whom you have invited to enjoy the celebration of your parents’ wedding anniversary. At the entrance, you can place rugs and take the same to the main celebration venue. To boost the fun at the celebration of your parents’ wedding anniversary, you can install funny doormats. The mats could have funny characters that are your parents’ favorites

Keep it simple

At a certain age, parents avoid complexity and don’t care if anything is not pure and simple. They simply want complete happiness and pure love. And that’s why you should make the celebration place neat and simple. If your parents are in their 40th or 50th anniversary, you need to ensure having enough room for the better circulation of air. Maintaining simplicity is the best decoration idea for the celebration of the 40th or 50th wedding anniversary of your parents. While placing tables and chairs, you need to leave enough space for the passage of guests.

Include banners

Banners are the item that will never go out of fashion. By using banners, you can convey your messages to your parents on their wedding anniversary. On these banners, you can display a message like Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad. The banners can help you easily breathe life to a place where you are celebrating your parents’ anniversary and make it more exciting. You can display all your emotions and attachments to them and make them feel how important they are for you.

Have enough lightening

Whether you are throwing a party on your parents’ wedding anniversary during the day or in the evening, lighting is crucial. With enough lighting, you can enable your parents and guests to see what’s going on. You need to focus more on lighting if you are celebrating your parents’ marriage anniversary in a garden. For evening celebration, you must include strip lights in your decoration. Keep the curtains fully open if you throw an indoor party to ensure enough lighting. With abundant lighting, the decorations and celebrations will be visible to everyone.

Work in their bedroom

Being in the relationship for several years doesn’t mean your parents would have forgotten how to be romantic for each other. As their loving child, you should do something that could erase the entire gap they have or facilitate them to break their hesitation. For this, their bedroom is the best place to ignite the romance or the value of being together. On their wedding anniversary day, you can decorate their bedroom like the one of their first night after getting married. You can spread roses, hang garlands, lit candles and ensure fragrance in their bedroom.


Decorating home on your parents’ wedding anniversary is completely up to you, as no one except you knows your parents well. Remember all about your parents, what they like, what they don’t love in their life, their best friends, their desires, and so on. With this, you will have an idea what you should do and from where you should start decorating home on their marriage anniversary.