How To Deep Clean Slate Tiles? | Slate cleaning


You need to clean and sweep slate tiles regularly to enhance life and durability. For slate cleaning, clean it with the help of a mild cleaner or solution. Moreover, you can use a product that is specially designed for the cleaning of slate tiles.

Because it’s not suitable to use the hard chemicals and cleaning products for the cleaning of these tiles. Moreover, never use a product contains citrus ingredients for cleaning these types of tiles. However, it’s better to use a natural cleaning product for cleaning slate tiles.

Try to wipe out these tiles with simple water and dry with the help of a soft cloth.

Overview Of Slate Flooring:

This is one of the most popular floors, especially for the busy kitchen because of its durability. However, it requires proper maintenance for the long life span. Moreover, most of the homeowners prefer slate flooring as it requires minimum maintenance and cleaning.

On the other hand, other types of tiles require high maintenance for durability due to stick in of dust and dirt.


Steps To Clean The Slate Tile’s Floor:

Vacuuming Or Sweeping:

A proper vacuuming or sweeping is necessary regularly to get rid of dirt and dust. Moreover, vacuuming before mopping helps to do it efficiently. On the other hand, it offers better cleaning results. You need to remove dirt regularly to avoid scratches or staining over the slate sealing.

To clean the slate tiles, always use a soft brush or cloth. Furthermore, clean the joint lines properly to get efficient cleaning results thoroughly.

Use A Mild Cleaning Product:

To clean the slate floor, always use a neutral or mild cleaning product. Because these tiles are made up of natural stones. That’s why these tiles don’t offer optimal cleaning results with hard chemicals and products.

Therefore, it’s better to use a bar of simple dish soap or liquid soap with water for slate cleaning instead of chemicals.

Mopping Out:

Mop the slate tiles with the help of cleaning solution. Apply the neutral strokes of mopping cloth to clean dirt and stains on these tiles. Moreover, you can do the mopping with steam water also to get quick cleaning results.

Furthermore, it will help to get rid of bacteria and germs on the floor.

Use Protection Oil:

Use a proper protection oil after cleaning of slate tiles for a better and maintained look. For this, apply the protector or oil with the help of a cloth. However, it’s better to use the slate oil for the durability of these tiles, but it’s an expensive option.

Apply Sealant Once Per Year:

Like other tiles, slate tiles also require proper sealing to protect it from moisture, dirt and stains. For this, you need to apply the sealant at least for once per year. Most of the time, slate tiles require more sealant and coating as compared to the other tiles.

So, you need to apply or coat accordingly for slate sealing. These tiles are scratchable more often as compared to others. Therefore, you need to choose it for flooring wisely. Otherwise, scratches can make the appearance of these tiles dull and filthy.

For this, seal the tiles properly for better water and stain-resistant. Apart from using a sealant, you can also use a mild stain removal to prevent stains and spills. Moreover, you can also make this mixture naturally at home to avoid staining.

For this, mix baking powder with hydrogen peroxide. Spread the mixture on the floor then leaves it for more than five hours. Later on, clean it with water or a soft cloth. You can repeat it if required.


A few Guidelines For Cleaning Slate Tiles:

  • Use carpets and rugs to save the floor from heavy traffic
  • Apply sealant at least for once per year
  • Remove stains and dirt on the floor instantly
  • Always use a mild and natural cleaner for slate tiles
  • Avoid from sliding goods over the slate tile’s floor
  • Don’t use products that contain citrus ingredients
  • Use a protector for the proper maintenance of the floor
  • Vacuuming out properly to remove dust and dirt

Well, these guidelines will help to maintain the life as well as consistency of your slate tile’s floor. Moreover, a proper cleaning routine will save you from future trouble.