How to Do Doors and Windows Repair

Doors and Windows Repair
Doors and Windows Repair

Doors and windows are our first line of defence when we are enjoying tranquillity at home. However, they might break, get damaged, or get misaligned for various reasons. As the owner of the house, the first objective for you would be to repair them. Here we look at some of the ways to repair your home doors and windows with tools at hand.

How to Repair Doors?

Fixing the binds

When a door frequently rubs against the frame, the first step would be to identify the area by putting a piece of wood in between the door and the frame. The leading cause behind it could be paint clogging. You can just slice off the extra part of the paint and then use sandpaper to smoothen the door and the frame.

In addition, sagging could be another reason behind binds. To repair this, you will have to replace the screws on the upper pivots. First, clean all the screws of the door and tighten the remaining screws. Then replace the screws with newer and better ones.

Fixing loose doors

When a door makes clanking sounds, it usually means that the strike plate is loose and needs to be repaired. There should be a flange at the centre of the strike plate. All you need to do is remove the plate with a screwdriver and tighten the flange and put it back again. Once it has been put back, that annoying sound should not be a problem anymore.

Fixing a hole in the hollow-core door

You can either replace a hollow door with a seriously damaging hole or repair your door by hiding the hole. All you will need for the repairing process is spray-foam. First, fill the hole with the spray-foam, and let a little bit of foam extend out from the hole.

Once it is dried overnight, you can now cut the extra foam with a knife or razor. Then apply a vinyl spackling compound by smoothening the door surface. Finally, after the area has been dried, use sandpapers to lightly smoothen the spot again and end the process with painting.

How to Repair Door Frames?

Fixing a jammed frame

A jammed frame causes disruption in properly closing and opening the door. The easiest to fix this is to smooth the frame and door edges with sandpaper. After that, you can put on varnish, which will be able to shut and shield the door.

Fixing the drafts

The best way to fix drafts on your door is to put weather stripping on the door. If this does not work, the only option remaining is to replace the whole door and the frame.

How to Repair Wooden Door Problems?

The simplest way to repair wooden door damages is to smooth the scratches with sandpaper, fill excavates with putty, replace the broken parts with epoxy fillers, or attach a new piece.

An old door built as a colonial-style; if broken or damaged, the panel can be reattached with glue without removing it from the door.

To remove the whole panel, start by taking off the surrounded moldings. If these moldings cannot be removed, you can simply cut off the part with care. Once you fix the panel, buy a new molding, and reattach it to the door.

How to Repair Windows?

Casement windows

The sash is fastened to the window frame with a hook in casement windows. Then you use a crank to pry the shutter open as it opens away. The remedy is always as simple as washing and oiling the gears in the operator or the other moving metallic parts when it is hard to work. Nevertheless, missing pieces must be reinstall.

Sliding windows

Many gliding windows have more than one sashes at the end and top of the window frame, which slides along metal tracks. However, these tracks also bear issues that need to be found. The most known problem is a dirty or greasy bottom track, but often more intrusive repairs are required.

Sash windows

Sash windows are composed of two window panels that glide up and down. While both can move, many homeowners choose by nailing or painting to keep the upper window dormant. If you want this window to be freed, or if your lower window is stuck, you are lucky. It is effortless to patch a stuck sash window, particularly for a homeowner who has no experience.

Immediate Response in Fixing Windows

Using protective gear

Use safety protection when dealing with broken glass. Make sure to use heavy-duty gloves to clean glass from the floor, or remove fragments from the frame. When removing glass from the window frame, make sure also to use protective eye gear.

Using duct tape for broken window

When your window is broken but still stable, you may be able to fix it partially with just tape. Push the glass gently to ensure it is still robust. If the fracture can handle the stress, go ahead and seal the crack with packing tape or duct tape. Run your fingertips lightly over the tape to remove any bubbles and ensure the seal is secured.

Removing glass from broken windows

You will have to cover the whole window when the window glass is broken. Firstly, you will have to remove any broken glass remaining in the frame. Make sure to use gloves to remove any broken bits of glass from the frame with care. Be sure to move the glass away from you or towards the outside of the room to prevent injury or further harm.

Using plastic for covering the window

If you have heavy-duty plastic to close the window, calculate the space you need to mask, and then slice the plastic appropriately. To protect the plastic in the window frame using the duct tape.

You may use a staple gun when connecting the plastic to a wooden frame to help protect it. In case you do not have heavy-duty plastic, you can use bubble wrap or a trash bag if possible. The aim is to seal the cold out and protect your home from rain and snow.


Doors and windows are essential parts of our house. In emergencies, it is vital to know how to repair doors and windows on your own with tools available at your grasp. The best option is to take immediate action and keep professional contact available on call.