How to Exercise When You’re Stressed out or Clueless


So much happens around us and our emotions keep changing all the time. A normal day has in store for us – hope, joy, anxiety, despair, and maybe loneliness. And it’s completely normal to feel scattered or lost; emotionally and physically drained. In these moments we don’t even feel like ourselves. In times like these, some physical movement can help. But reminding yourself when you’re feeling low is difficult. The idea is to listen to your body and mind and not push yourself because that will stress you even more. Instead of thinking of how you feel physically all the time, check if you’re feeling alright mentally. Stop whatever you’re doing, look and listen around, and decide how you’re feeling. This helps you recognize what we actually need instead of what we should be doing. Sometimes we need to let go of plans, expectations and peer pressure. All of this is necessary to let our physical, mental, and emotional needs dictate our workout routines instead of the other way around. Activate FITCOACH by FITPASS to work out on your terms with the help of HD videos. Get workout catered especially to your individual needs.

Working out in different mental and physical conditions


When you’re stressed out but want to exercise

There are times when your body needs exercise but you feel mentally exhausted or emotionally down. Working all day or just knowing what goes around in the world can wear you out. When the body craves movement but the mind is distracted, here’s what you can do. Let the agility drills, difficult dance moves or long runs for other times. Being emotionally exhausted can increase your chances of injury. Exercise or workout at places that bring you peace; maybe a corner in your home, terrace or the park. Fresh air will do you good. Listen to your favorite music that improves your mood.

When you’re physically spent but your mind wants to move

Then there are times when your mind is focused – you feel emotionally and mentally energetic but physically you’re sore, tired or maybe even injured. Take a walk instead of going for a run or go or for a meditation class instead of a full-power Yoga session. Since you feel mentally pepped up, use it to focus. You can play a podcast while walking or jogging.

When you’re both mentally and physically tired

When you’re completely drained, take a rest day. Or if you still want to work out, do some mobility exercises or foam rolling exercises. Taking a walk in such situations really helps, especially mentally and emotionally in addition to physically. Or you can give some TLC to yourself – stretch, meditate and take a long warm bath.

When you don’t know how you feel

This is the time to practice mindfulness and figure out how you actually feel. Maybe start with a meditation session and then try to gauge how you actually feel. Trust your intuition; listen to your inner voice – You do not have to follow your already-planned workout if you don’t feel like it. If you start doing an exercise, do not set an expectation or pressure yourself. Do it for 5 minutes and see how you feel. If it makes you feel better continue, otherwise try something else.

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