How to Lose 5KG weight in a month?


The world is observing what we watched in Hollywood movies, mostly. A pandemic changed the whole world, and it’s living style. Stay away, stay negative, and stay at home is the three liners open secret of staying alive. The world’s economy has changed, working dynamics have changed, and even social life is changed. Just a few months back, we were abusing social media because it ruined our social life, but now it’s the only means to stay connected and to stay social.

While working from home and staying at home, people are facing another issue, i.e., obesity. Gyms and parks are closed. People are not getting time or dare to go there and have some exercise. And that’s the main reason people are gaining weight. COVID19 may remain there, but we can’t afford to lazy and gaining weight. So get up now, and let’s plan a month of weight loss. Aren’t you willing to lose 5KG of weight in a month? Let’s first download some weight loss calculators on your phone, or you can find a weight calculator online as well.

Weight Loss Planner

Planning in an essential part of every mission, and when the mission is as big as losing 5KG in a month, we can’t neglect the weight loss planner thing. To start with planning, you need a weight loss calculator, weight calculator. Once you know all the figures, you can plan healthy weight loss. If you are using a tablet or PC, you can find hundreds of such tools. You can opt to install some native weight loss goal calculator app as well on your phone or tablet if you wish.

Once you have all the numbers and figures, now let’s start creating your weight loss planner. The very first thing you need is a diet plan for weight loss. We already have a template for you. You can modify this template as per your figure and goals that you calculated with the weight loss goal calculator and fat loss calculator.

Calories Intake: 1500 to 1600 Calories in a day. It will be perfect to lose 500g to 1KG every week.

Carbohydrates: You shouldn’t take more than 250g of carbohydrates, which will be the source of your 50 to 60% calories.

Fiber: Don’t neglect this as it’s vital for healthy weight loss. Your diet must have 25grams to 35 grams of fiber in your daily diet intake.

Protein: 1.3gram of protein per KG of your weight. You can get this value by using a weight loss calculator. For a rough estimate, it can be 75 grams to 90 grams per day.

Fats: 20% to 30% of your daily calories should come from fats, so roughly 30 to 50grams of fat will be enough for that.

Now you have the basic diet plan. You can fit in what you want to eat without disturbing these goals. Add the nuts, fruits, and grains of your choice so that you may not have to follow a diet plan which is totally against your will. Don’t consider cheat days for a month, and you will see a good change in your body, and 5kg of weight loss will be a byproduct.

Control Your Hunger – Drinking Water is the Best Idea

This weight loss diet plan will not be easy for you, especially during these lockdowns and COVID19 situation. You will feel hunger from time to time, and you may have to control your hunger. But it’s only for one month, and the reward is as big has 5KG in a month.

To control your hunger, we have a solution. Whenever you feel hungry, drink one or two full glass of water. It will satisfy your hunger for 40 to 60 minutes. It will be better if you drink warm water for quicker and better results, but if you don’t like it, that’s perfectly okay because your main aim is to keep a check on your daily calories and that’s why you will have to use weight loss calculator from time to time. The best idea will be to put a weight loss calculator on your home screen so it will keep reminding you about the goal.

Mild Exercise 6 Days a Week – At Home

Exercise can’t be neglected in a weight loss planner. But it doesn’t mean we will tell you about 60-minute heavy workout 5 or 6 days a week. And you don’t even need to join the gym for that. You can do it at home and still get good results.

You have to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes daily in the first week if you are not used to exercising. And after that, you can take it to 30 minutes daily. Take a look at your body in a full-sized mirror and observe where the extra fat is stored. Now Google the exercise which may target those areas. Choose only the simple exercises like pushups, planks, jumping, etc.

Follow the routine for a month, and we hope you will lose a definite 5KG weight after 30 days.