How to Personalize Your Marketing Efforts to Increase Customers 10x


Personalized marketing efforts is the future of marketing. It is the art of making a customer feel that your brand or product is all about serving them. It is a custom-tailored experience where the customer actually feels like the website or app is trying to assist him intelligently to let them make purchasing decisions. For any digital marketing company, targeting the right audience at the right time is a crucial marketing strategy. If you are using an app to sell your product or service, personalization becomes a crucial element to complement your sales target and increase the overall ROI of your digital app.

Are you a soloprenuer who owns a digital app presence for your online business? Whether you are running a small scale business or an enterprise-level one, here are 5 basic strategies that you must adopt in order to run personalized marketing which will in effect complement the increase in your ROI.

The 5 Basic Implementations for a Personalized Marketing Strategy

Here is a detailed outline of how marketers can implement the perfect personalized marketing strategy for their digital business. Let’s take a deeper delve and learn about these steps in a bit detail.

Ensure That You’re Utilizing the Right Technology

No marketing effort can turn into a success story unless you’re not leveraging the right tools to get your marketing done. Similarly, if you want to create a personalized experience for your business, it is best that you as a marketer should invest in purchasing some of the latest marketing technologies.

Modern-day marketing technologies are powerful platforms equipped with the right tools to handle data, segmentation, and automation. These tools will equally contribute to increase the personalized efforts of an individual. With the right personalization technology in place, you can successfully free up your time and resources. Some of the things that you can do with modern marketing tools are:

  • Content personalization.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Data collection.

Collect As Much Information on Customers As You Can

While having the right technology to complement your personalized marketing effort is great, but you won’t be able to implement them unless you don’t collect a heap of information on your customers. There are several online tools that can help you collect customer information by leveraging an average customer’s buyer’s journey. Marketers can often learn what the customer is clicking on and on which page of the app or website is he or she spending a great amount of time, all thanks to analytical tools.

Once you have the data to your expense, target marketing becomes a whole lot easier. You can get a better grasp of what your customer is seeking or what pages is he or she continuously clicking on. You can craft relevant content, create value-driven incentives and make the right recommendations. There are several track metrics that marketers leverage information such as email opens, link clicks, shopping cart information and even purchase history. By knowing it all, you can personalize content to convert visitors more effectively into long-term customers and focus on designing future strategies.

Leverage the Power of “Personalized Engagement” through Channels

The process of segmentation of data is what we term as dynamic consumer profiling. Marketers have the ability to execute business across a variety of channels, platforms, and websites. They are very well integrated into the social network and have develop powerful connections with the most valuable people in their respective industries. By taking all of the information collected using technological tools, marketers can make the best use of this information. Some of the common channels which marketers use normally these days include social media, websites, third-party ad services and emails.

Now, as a digital marketer, all you have to do is add a few personalization tokens to complement your marketing efforts. By using sophisticated technologies, you can deliver your target market just the message which they are looking forward to. And the outcomes from such messages might surprise you. There are tools to help you offer personalized incentive recommendations to the audiences and these tools can actually boost your efforts to deliver the ultimate deal of maximizing returns on profit.

Focus on Every Stage of your Buyer’s Journey

Target marketing customers with personalized marketing plans are a great option for your business, but it only gets better if these personalized campaigns are sophistically integrated throughout the entire buyer’s journey. There isn’t much of a difference in the learning pattern of an online customer to that of an online one. It is the marketers’ responsibility to keep their online customers well engaged.

The only way of doing so is to keep their attention hooked, and personalization throughout the buyer’s journey is the best way. In this way, their attention span will always remain in one particular direction.

Usually, marketers offer incentives in the first-step of their ad campaigns which piques the interest of the customer. They become more inclined at making a purchase and these are often based on historical affinities collected by the marketer. But, getting a single purchase order complete through a social channel is getting 70% of the job done. Offering a personalized incentive is the second phase. With such efforts, marketers can contribute to making a one time shopper into loyal customers.

Lastly, Keep Refining Your Personalization Processes

There are several marketing practices that you almost follow every day and to make them more effective, you’re always trying your best to refine these processes. If you want 100% effectiveness, you have to keep following the drill continuously. To complement such efforts, marketers let campaign runs for a couple of weeks and sees how effectively they perform in the open digital market.

By implementing the same strategy to your personalized marketing efforts, digital marketers working for you can identify what are supposedly the best areas to focus on & know which integrations work.

If things aren’t going the way the digital marketers expect, they can always take a step back and reiterate their own digital marketing strategies to see which personalized effort can complement it.

So there you go, here are five of the best personalization strategies to help you complement your digital marketing efforts in the digital landscape. Do you find them helpful? Comment below.