How to Pick the Perfect Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor settings require much more than just furniture pieces. A well designed outdoor setting consists of a well-thought combination of furniture and accessories. When we talk about accessories for outdoors, outdoor rugs come at the top of the list. These outdoor rugs will not only add character to your outdoor setting but also help you in defining zones. These rugs also help you in covering any unsightly and uneven outdoor surfaces with ease. Outdoor rugs also help you in creating visual flow and ambiance with surroundings through their patterns and colors.

These rugs are also helpful in creating a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors of your home. In short, with outdoor rugs, you will be able to add impact and texture to your outdoor settings without blowing your budget. However, when it comes to picking the perfect outdoor rug, most people get confused when thinking about where to start. We have put together some tips that will be helpful for you in picking the right outdoor rug for your outdoor living space. You will get a great outdoor rug that will tick all your durability and aesthetic requirements effectively by following the tips given below:

Choose Low-pile Flatweave rugs:

Low-pile flatweave rugs are designed to shed less and get less affected by wear and tear. Therefore, it is necessary to use these rugs in outdoor settings where foot traffic is heavier. While these rugs might feel a little rough underfoot, their tight construction and strategic design allow them to offer durability and stability which are compromised in case of other types of rugs. Their tight construction also makes these rugs dirt-repellent and minimizes the chances of pull or snag. You don’t have to worry about the shape and appearance of these rugs after hosting an event like barbecue as these rugs will maintain their shape and appearance even after receiving a fair share of foot traffic.

Choose in accordance with Surroundings:

Your outdoor rugs should complement your surroundings in order to offer both function and fashion. You need to bring outdoor rugs that are relevant to your outdoor furniture items and their fabrics. You can also match the rug with cushions placed in your outdoors to bring ambiance. Consider the texture incorporated in your outdoor seating, planters, or lighting while picking a rug for space. This will help you in creating a smooth visual flow. If you are using outdoor furniture pieces that are made up of natural wood then you can try rugs with bold and solid colors like red or rust to create an amazing contrast. Make sure that your rug you are using in your outdoors regardless of its purpose is colorfast. Otherwise, you may need to place it under shade in order to prevent its colors from fading away.

Weather-resistant Rugs:

If you plan to use your outdoor rugs throughout the whole year then make sure that these rugs are capable of going through a variety of weathers including scorching heat, rains, and cold. If you live in an area with a humid or rainy climate then make sure that your outdoor rug is moisture-proof to avoid mold and mildew growth in it. It should be equipped with a stable backing to prevent the pooling of rainwater and melted snow. Rugs made up of materials like Polypropylene and Olefin are regarded as best choices for weather-resistant outdoor rugs that are usable throughout the year because of their built-in defenses. Rugs that are equipped with UV-resistant coating will work better in the areas with warmer climates. This coating will protect the colors and material of rugs from fading when these rugs are exposed to excessive temperature and sun.

Fragrance-free Rugs make for a Cozy Home

Unfortunately, long-pile carpets, wool rugs, and polyester items give off a bit of a fresh smell after a certain time. This is due to all bacteria that can settle comfortably in these materials. Think of the smell of a wet coat after a walk in the rain and your house suddenly smells like a ‘wet dog’. So, if you want to keep your social environment a friend, consider a rug with properties that can neutralize unpleasant odors. Bamboo is fine for both the eye and the nose. Bamboo viscose rugs are known to have antimicrobial properties – at least they stop the spread of bacteria other than wool or polyester.

Cheaper with Bite and Scratch Resistant Rugs

Sooner or later, your dog will want to bite into your rug and cats love to sharpen their nails on your deep pile carpet. A good way to save your beautiful carpet from an existence as a toy to chew is to choose a heavier carpet. If your pet finds it more difficult to roll or drag your rug around, you are less likely to chew and scratch. Dogs and cats love synthetic materials for their games, but natural materials also do just fine. Think of jute and hemp, but also animal skin. Good leather is fire resistant and can hardly break. Also – unlike rough bits, chews, and knots – a soft rug has very little appeal for a pet. Make sure that your pet is toilet trained before you buy animal skin. An accident on this material is very difficult to get clean again.