How to Rent a Car at an UAE Airport During COVID?

rent a car in Dubai airport

The world is slowly getting back to its feet as the impact of the Coronavirus is slowly waning. The United Arab Emirates is also slowly getting back into its usual self, welcoming tourists and entrepreneurs from across the world. The airports of the major cities like Dubai and Sharjah are getting busy. If you are travelling to these destinations in the coming few days, you need to follow a few things before you get a car on rent. In this article, we would take a look at those tips that you should follow to rent a car in Dubai airport or Sharjah airport. So, without much further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Where to Get the Car from the Airport?

Let us first understand about the basic layout of the airport. When you compare the two airports, Dubai International Airport is much bigger and busier than the Sharjah airport. However, passenger traffic handled by Sharjah International Airport has also been steadily increasing over the years. Now, most of the times, when you are looking to rent a car in Dubai airport, you would be able to find kiosks of the rental companies near the arrival gates. Once you book the car, you would need to make the payment, complete the paperwork and then when you step out of the airport, you would have your car waiting for you.

Booking Through Kiosk vs Booking Online

Now, given how things have become, you need to be a little cautious while going to a kiosk. In both Sharjah and Dubai airports, fewer number of kiosks are operating, so to follow the social distancing norms. You need to ensure that your interaction with people at the airport should be minimal. This is the reason why it is recommended that you book the car online or through the phone. Nowadays, you do get a number of car rental companies in UAE which allow you to book the car online or over the phone. This not only makes it safer but also much more convenient for you as a traveller, especially if you are travelling during odd hours.

Precautions to Follow While Picking Up the Car

So, where would you get to pick up the car? Well, most of the professional rental services have multiple pick-up and drop locations near the airports. In most cases, you would be able to choose it yourself. So, try to choose one that is convenient for you. If you have booked the car in advance, there would be an executive waiting for you to complete the formalities. Please check the car thoroughly before you sign on anything. Once you have signed, the responsibility of the car is in your hands. So, you need to check it before you take the delivery.

During COVID, it is important that you check whether the car is properly sanitized. The authorities have strict policies in place and all the companies offer rent a car services in Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman and the other emirates are expected to follow them. You need to ensure that the car is properly sanitized and disinfected. There should be a bottle of sanitizer inside the vehicle at all times and the executive should ensure that there is minimal contact between you and him/her during the process.

If you manage to ensure all these things, then there is nothing much to worry about. You would be safe. So, get in touch with a professional car rental company and rent a car in Sharjah Airport or Dubai Airport and travel around with comfort and stay safe from the coronavirus.

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