Invisalign Trays Cleaning: Some of Its Do’s And Don’ts

Invisalign Trays Cleaning: Some of Its Do’s And Don’ts

Several things you have to follow if you prefer the treatment of Invisalign braces to get rid of your crooked or misaligned teeth. Many other things are there too which you should not do with Invisalign. Read on this blog to know about some do’s and don’ts of Invisalign to achieve your desired outcome by enjoying its benefits.

How frequently Invisalign trays should be cleaned?

Every time during brushing it is vital to clean the Invisalign trays as well. Several cleaning methods are there to make the aligner clean in just a few minutes:

  • Soaking of the Invisalign in cleaning crystals
  • Gently brushing the Invsialign with toothpaste
  • Soaking of the aligners in retainer or denture cleaning solution

How stains can be removed from Invisalign trays?

With times, it is obvious that Invisalign aligner will get stained. It will occur mainly because of drinking tea or coffee excessively. Even if it is not cleaned properly it can get stained as well. Follow the below-mentioned methods in case the aligner needs to be cleaned thoroughly because of stains:

  • Soak the trays in half vinegar and water solution for 30 minutes
  • Gently brush the Invisalign by a toothbrush immersed in baking soda for removing the stains and bacterial build up
  • Take a bowl half filed with water and hydrogen peroxide respectively. Invisalign must be soaked in it for a few hours or overnight to make them clear perfectly by removing the cloudiness

Can Invisalign be used after teeth whitening treatment?

Before applying any OTC (over-the-counter) whitening solutions on the Invisalign tray, it must be asked to the dentist. Though it may not affect the aligner yet it can heighten the sensitivity of the teeth to both cold and hot edible stuffs and beverages.

Can Invisalign trays be replaced much early?

During progressing through the treatment of Invisalign clear braces, your orthodontist will suggest the ways to attain its maximum impact during your regular check up. Even the required time period you should wear this set of aligner before receiving new one will be also disclosed.

In general, a set of Invisalign tray should be worn for about 2weeks. In the mean time if it gets broken down, immediate dental attention is needed to account the issue. Accordingly, a new customised set will be made within the shortest time period to continue the treatment progress without causing any sort of hindrance.

Can toothpaste be used for cleaning the Invisalign?

Instead of using toothpaste, you will be suggested to soak the aligner in the retainer or denture cleaner to clean it. According to orthodontists, toothpastes are highly abrasive that can lead to scratching of the aligners. But still sometimes it is recommended to brush the aligner lightly with the help of toothpaste and rinse well in the cold and plain water.

What are the causes of turning Invisalign into yellow?

Invisalign turns yellowish mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Consumption of coloured sodas, wine, juice, tea and coffee
  • No teeth brushing prior to put on the Invisalign in the mouth

If brushing seems daunting for you, rinsing the mouth well before the insertion of aligner will also be effective. It will keep the tray protected against getting yellowish.

Can mouthwash be used with putting on Invisalign?

Mouthwashes are generally loaded with abrasive ingredients that can damage the aligners. Even certain mouthwash types contain synthetic colours which may result in staining of the clear trays as well.

It is clear from the above discussion that certain things you have to follow with treatment of Invisalign. So, if you are residing in London, it is always advisable to consult with Invisalign provider near your area in London regarding the things you should do to progress through the treatment in an appropriate manner.