Kickstart an Affiliate Network from Scratch Following these Super Tips

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable sectors. Over time, it has formed an epic place amid marketers and entrepreneurs’ lives. Around 16% of the orders online come from affiliate marketing.

It’s the most lucrative opportunity that allows you to sell products and earn plenty of income even while you sleep. Already, it has captured an enormous marketplace.

Loads of world-leading companies and 81% brands are already reaping the benefits of affiliate marketing by teaming-up with third party affiliate advertisers.

Hence, do you also want to become dominant in your business with affiliate marketing? Then you must first understand how to establish a mind-blowing affiliate network that delivers profitable results.

For a reason, there are a few things that you must figure out before diving into an affiliate network. Hence, below its briefly stated how to build a fantastic affiliate network that derives more customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best passive way of earning income by promoting products on social media platforms. Once the buyers get the product from your link, you will get a commission from the affiliate.

This would be a great way to add extra income to your bank account and live like a pro. Although it looks convenient to earn through affiliate marketing, but without having the knowledge, you probably will not be able to make money.

You may have seen many bloggers and website holders promoting their products through affiliate marketing. So, it’s time for you to earn through it as well.

Thus, to start earning passively through affiliate marketing, you need to do some work on it.

Here are some simple tips that you need to follow to start affiliate marketing.

First, Begin With Finding Niche Markets.

You need to be well-acquainted with your niche market, and only then will your advertiser understand your product that you want to promote.

Never think about selling anything to anyone, from anyone. For a reason, if you do so, then you might receive a quick loss in your business that will also affect your business repo.

Find Affiliate Partners

Therefore, once you are utterly assured about your niche market, you can now identify your target audiences and think about the partnership with an affiliate marketer.

Simultaneously, here you’re going to pursue partners (affiliate marketers) who have already developed awareness in the particular niche you want to work ultimately. This could provide you with instant results.

Understanding Your Affiliate Marketing Challenges

Like every modern marketing system, affiliate marketing also comes with a series of obstacles. Hence, you need to pay special attention here, such as-

Finding Quality Affiliates

Creating an affiliate network is not a knotty process; indeed, it is easy to set up. But the real challenge comes while selecting high-quality affiliates. For instance, finding genuine affiliate marketers who have the potential to promote a company and its products can be daunting.

Some of them may have a bad score in the past and possibly that most from them are only frauds which send fake traffic to your website. Therefore, to protect your business from such scams, you can also use traffic bot systems that will block any artificial traffic to your site.


When creating an affiliate network, you need to consider a tool that records affiliate sales accurately. But above that, it needs to be easy-to-use. If it’s too hard, it fails to provide accurate reporting to advertisers.

Similarly, it’s going to create a bad relationship with your affiliate marketer that will also lead to the down-image of your brand.

Time Investment

Affiliate marketing isn’t a five-finger exercise; it demands a serious time investment from you. You need to spend time in resources and system to set up.

Then, there is the need to hire affiliates partners and handle the affiliates’ sales regularly. You’ll note that much of the energy is focused on members’ satisfaction, and resolving issues if they have any.

Once your build affiliate network starts working, you receive the majority of the sales from your affiliate marketers. Hence giving time to your affiliate marketers is more critical for you.

Be Clear On Tactics and Strategies

A lot has to do with their affiliate strategy and you cannot risk revealing your strategy to others. Plus, it is important to scan relevant and latest affiliate marketing strategies out there. The blog is a great source of resources on affiliate marketing. Therefore, bear in mind that most of the affiliates strive to derive traffic through search engine marketing or social media.

Hence, if you are already working on the same particular keywords and forcing your advertisers to work on the same, you’re only creating complications for them.

Since this will lead to competition, and they may find it hard to provide you with any sales, so use only that strategy that doesn’t impact your affiliate partners.

Create an Attractive Opportunity

In the end, affiliate marketing is all about developing a win-win situation between you & your affiliate marketers. Most of the companies are pursuing this sector, as they find it as a secondary source of revenue. Besides, most of the others are finding it a primary source of generating sales and earn income.

But remember, as a brand, you should strive to do something within your affiliate marketing program that is appealing to the eye of an advertiser. So that affiliate marketers show interest in promoting your product.

Thus, you can introduce payment options and attractive commission rates and some promotional tools that create easiness for affiliate marketers to derive sales in your business.

Monitor Your Affiliate Network

After ensuring entire things, now it comes to tracking. For this, you need to monitor and be consistent with your affiliate network’s reports. After all, both you and your affiliate marketers have the same motive ‘achieving goals and earn profits’.

Therefore, you can use some special ways that may help you to track your affiliate networks. In this way, you can find drawbacks in your affiliate network. You may find the best affiliate marketer who is driving profitable results in your business. Ultimately, here you can think about working more with this particular affiliate marketer.

Quick Tips to Promote Physical Products

No product can get sales without promotions. Thus, to drive profitable results, you probably need the best niche such as Amazon and social media platforms to promote your products.

However, Amazon is quite tricky as it has a time period of 24 hours. This means if someone buys from your link, they will send you commission after 24 hours. But this is good as it is extremely fast as compared to other sites that have 90 days.

For instance, if you join a Golf Galaxy affiliate program that pays 6 to 8 % commission, but that has a time span of 45 days. That means whenever anyone buys from your site, you will get commission after 45 days.

Thus, if you have great knowledge about their product niche and want to sell and promote your physical product, do a quick search on the search engine “product name affiliate program” or make it more personal search for the desired niche affiliate program to promote your product.

You can also use your social media platform to promote your product and earn the commission.

Informative Products for Affiliate Marketing

Another type of product that you can sell and promote through affiliate marketing is an information product. This type of product is owned and created by marketer, blogger, and author that train you to do something.

For instance, how to use a greenhouse kit will be an example of an informative product. However, there’re a lot of other reasons too that may attract you to promote educational products.

They have a high price, which means you will get a high commission.

They are promoted by the experienced and best personality on social media, which builds trust in the audience and pulls them to use the product.

These informative products have high sales funnels and marketing funnels. They provide a better solution to make your work easy, and in that kind of product, users pay some special attention.

Users love to invest in the products that they can use effectively.

Although you need to do some homework to become a successful affiliate marketer for selling informative products, it is still great to choose this path to earn maximum profit.

Bottom line:

Beyond doubt, the affiliate network has the potential to take your business to the pinnacle of success. Besides, it may provide you with mind-blowing results if you have any background in digital marketing. For instance, this can bring easiness in running an affiliate network devoid of any additional effort.

According to some sources, US businesses and leading companies annually spending on affiliate marketing has increased by 10.1% over time. On the other hand, spending on affiliate marketing is expected to hit $6.8billion by 2020. Hence, if you also want to give a boost to your business, then better than affiliate marketing, nothing can kick-start your business.

However, like in any new business, the beginning may appear a bit difficult. But over time, once you assemble a relationship with the best affiliate marketers and create your brand’s good image, nothing can stop you from deriving the success.