Know All About ICSE Syllabus for the Year 2022 Examination


The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, CISCE has reduced the syllabus for English and Indian Languages subjects. The council has notified this information through a circular which was released on the official website on 9th July 2021. The reduction in the ICSE Board Syllabus for the examination 2022 is made for English and Indian Languages. This has been done as the country continues to struggle to cope with the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has disrupted educational activities due to the extended lockdown across the country. In addition to a significant loss of instructional hours, the teaching-learning process has also been impacted. The root cause for this is the adoption of various alternative modes of syllabus transaction, due to closure of schools.

In view of the problem mentioned above, the CISCE has initiated the process of review of the ICSE Class 10 syllabus, for various subjects at the ICSE level for the examination year 2022. The same process will be followed for ISC Class 12 too. The review will be conducted to identify the portion of the ISC Syllabus for Class 11 and 12 which may be reduced, without compromising on the quality of content. This would be followed for ICSE class 10 as well.

Reduced ICSE Syllabus for 2022 Examination

The council has modified the syllabi for the following subjects for the 2022 Examinations, and it has also made this available on the CISCE website under the Publications section:


  • ICSE English (Language and Literature in English) for Class 10
  • ICSE Indian Language for Class 10


  • ISC English (Language and Literature in English) for Class 12
  • ISC Indian Language for Class 12

The CISCE is also carrying out syllabus reduction in several other subjects at the ICSE and ISC levels, in consultation with its subject experts. These details will be made available on the CISCE website soon. Students are requested to keep checking the official website on a regular basis for the latest updated syllabus.

How to Use Syllabus Effectively to Prepare for 2022 Examination

As each of us are aware, we are in the midst of the pandemic. There is uncertainty as to when schools across the country will be able to return to normalcy. In the eventuality of the need for further reduction in the syllabus, the council has requested the concerned subject teachers to transact the syllabus strictly according to the sequence of the topics given in the syllabus. This will ensure that all CISCE affiliated schools are broadly teaching the same topic at any point of time, as well facilitate further reduction in the syllabus if required.

Students are also requested to study the topics mentioned in the syllabus. So, in case there is a reduction in syllabus, it will not affect their studies further. Students are advised to study as per the ICSE syllabus by referring to the ICSE Books. Doing so will keep their studies on track and in the right direction. Additionally, they can solve the Sample Papers to understand the difficulty level of the questions asked in the paper. By practising the paper, they will also get to know whether they are able to complete the paper on time or not. Accordingly, they can work on managing their time for the board exam.