Know Bangladesh in A Better Way


Dhaka is a most important city of Bangladesh. It is the head quarter of the country hence known as the capital. The name Dhaka was given on the name of Goddess Dhakeshwari. You can find the shrine of the Goddess in the city still. The Country is located in south Asia and is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal as well As The India. The capital Dhaka is located on the river bariganaga.

Dhaka city produces a very good quality of cotton called “muslin.” It is famous all over the world. One of the famous dish here you will get is Biryani. The biryani cooked here is very spicy and yummy. No matter how spicy it is you will urge to have more. This is due to the cooking style that makes this biryani so delicious. Biryani is a dish of rice base.

You will get several fast food corners in the capital where you will easily get this dishes serving. Not only in Dhaka will you get these special dishes all over the Bangladesh. One more speciality of the city is the hotel in Dhaka Bangladesh. They are one of its kinds and give you a top quality service.

Dhaka has a good culture and it celebrates its annual day on 26 March. Likewise they celebrate more annual festivals like Martyr’s Day on 21 February and Victory Day on 16 December. The dressing style of women here is either saree or salwar suit. Men wear shirts and Pants. Like India Dhaka also has various culture and they celebrate Durga Puja, Krishna Janmasthmi along with Muharram, ramdaan, Id and so on. They also celebrate Buddh Purnima and Christmas on a big scale.

If you are planning to tour Bangladesh you can visit some of the most popular cities like Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. These cities have lots of tourist attraction. If you are in Dhaka then you will get hotels at very good location from where you will get easy conveyance. In this way your travel will become easier. You will enjoy and explore the country and the main cities very well. Hotel Bangladesh Dhaka has lots of good services which include good rooms, Gyms, spas, pleasant atmosphere, lovely staff who are always ready to help. The food quality of the restaurants in the hotel is awesome and you will definitely have a quality time dinning in these restaurants.

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Hotel Bangladesh Dhaka has lots of good services which include good rooms, Gyms, spas, pleasant atmosphere, lovely staff who are always ready to help.