Living in Plastic World What Could be Done?

The concept of World Environment Day
The concept of World Environment Day. The man's hand holds the earth in a plastic bag. In the blank for social advertising there is a place for the inscription.

We are living in a place full of Plastics. We eat plastic, drink plastic, and even breath plastics. Humanity and all the other species are soon going to die. We have been living in this beautiful world like forever, and now, after severely polluting it with our activities, we are not ashamed to travel to Mars to make it unsuitable for living. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but after badly destroying our land, we plan to invade another area and then end up creating another planet for dump and trash.

For those who are not sure about what is happening, then let me give a brief introduction. Consider it’s a regular grocery shopping day. You enter the supermarket, grab some meat wrapped in plastic, some eggs wrapped in plastic cases, A jug of milk in a plastic container, some fruits and vegetables packed in plastic sheets, some butter encased in plastic jars, buy some bread which the baker covers in plastic packs and grab a bag of ready-made chips in plastic also. After your done collecting all the plastics, you proceed to checkout where the person puts everything into a plastic shopper and handles it to you. You return home and unpack all the stuff. Just observe for a bit now, you dump all the plastic from the products into the trash can which is also covered with a plastic trash bag. Can you feel the extreme plastics? Imagine yourself creating such vast piles of plastics, your neighbor and your neighbor, and now your entire colony. How much plastic do you think have been generated from all of you now? According to, more than 300 million tons of plastic every year is produced by us, and more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year. Out of the 300 million, 50% is single-use, used for a few moments, and lives on the planets for many years.

What happens to plastic in Landfills?

When we make a location our dumpster, dumping thousands of tons of plastic regularly, there are only three ways to get rid of it. Either burn it or bury it. Let’s observe what the consequences of each case are.

Plastic has many carbon chemical compounds that are hazardous to human health. Upon burning, the tiny carbon molecules enter the atmosphere and create air pollution. If left untouched or burying it, the plastic remains there forever and decomposes very slowly into the earth. The land is now attacked by micro-plastic, which enters the soil, soil transfers it to plants, plants to animals and animals to humans. Thus, we eat plastic.

Consuming Plastics

It became evident by many researchers that encasing the food and drinking items in plastic containers and packaging is hazardous to health. The microplastic travels down into your food that transfers into your body.

Did You know: “you consume thousand and millions of microplastic elements just by drinking water from a plastic bottle.”

The use of paper leads to deforestation, which has made it difficult for animals to live in homes and all living things to breathe, increasing the rain and increasing the temperature of the world.  Using a simple way of using online transactions and banking and online buying, will enable us to save our plants and consume less plastic. Just use a free Amazon coupon code, proceed payment through online transactions and get the product at your doorstep.

Simple ways to save Us all

Even though we have been eating plastic for quite a while now, but it is still not late. Try using the following simple ways to avoid any more plastic consumption, primarily through food.

  • Use water flasks
  • Use cloth bags
  • Take cloth bags to grocery shopping
  • Tell the shopkeeper to give you the products in your pockets, not the plastic bags

Final Statements

With simple acts, you may act responsibly towards your home. There are many planets in this galaxy, but none is as better and great as much as our earth, so take care of it. It is high time that we should be acting responsible for our actions and start to avoid the habits that have led us to this disaster.