Normal Symptoms For First Time Contact Lens Wearer


People who suffer from incorrect vision and get rid of using glasses, try contact lenses at some point in their life. But, while dealing with first time wearing discomfort many of them drop the idea of using contact lenses further. Here we have a list of the most common symptoms seen while wearing contact lenses for the first time:

Minor Irritation

While wearing contact lenses for the first time, many new wearers feel discomfort for the first few minutes. These can be approx 15 min. If you are feeling the same, it’s common. Wait till 15min get over. If the problem continues, consult with your doctor.

Light Sensitivity

Some wearer feels light sensitivity for a couple of hours. It’s better to avoid direct contact with light. Once your eyes adapted lenses and you feel comfortable, you can easily move on.

Dislodged Lenses

High quality branded lenses is designed according to eye diameter. Therefore, this is the rarest problem arise that your lenses go “off-centre”. But if they go, a simple blink can solve your purpose and reposition them at their place.

Red Eyes

This is a common problem arising from burning. It mainly happens when eyes get dried due to higher out temperature or dehydration. Put doctor’s recommended eye drops to quickly come out of this issue.


Tears came from eyes while wearing contact lenses is a common issue. And once you get adopted, these will automatically stop. Till that time, no need to worry.


This issue is mainly concerned with the new contact lenses wearer. Keep in mind, burning is an alarming issue that your eyes are getting dry and need moisture. Put optician recommended eye drops to re-lubricate your eyes.

Lens Movement

If you are feeling lenses movement, it’s a normal symptom. This happens due to natural fluid that presents in eyes and when contacts come in their contact movement happens.


Contact lenses are designed to provide clear vision. But if you see blurry things, means there are lots of tears generated or due to the presence of high oil in lenses. For this, you can use an eye doctor prescribed eye solution to clean and reinsert your lenses. If the problem continues, consult with an optician.

Excessive Blinking

This is a quick solution for new contact lenses wearer to be comfortable with present lenses or to reposition the lens.

Itchy Eyes

Itchy eyes again come with red-eye trouble. Put eye drops that will help you to come out of this issue and soothe your eyes.

Note: these issues are common for soft contact lenses wearer. And if the problem continues, consult with the doctor as they have the whole set of normal symptoms and simple tips to come out from them.

5 Tips to handle contact lens discomfort

  1. Initially, Go With Contact Lenses Wearing Schedule

Initially, either you can make your own or ask the optician to make your contact lenses wearing plan. Based on requirement, you can either extend or reduce the time period. A sample is discussed as follows:

Contact Lenses Wearing Schedule
Day 1 4 hours
Day 2 5 hours
Day 3 6 hours
Day 4 7 hours
Day 5 8 hours
Day 6 9 hours
Day 7 10 hours
Day 8 Plan your next schedule with the optician
  1. Relax: Many new wearers get afraid of the fact that if they rub eyes, contact lenses may not be stuck behind. For you, it’s good advice to be relaxed. If you excessively brink if rub your eyes nothing with happen. Your eyes are connected to the back of eyes where abyss is impossible. But, one thing you need to pay attention, i.e. always clean your hands with soap. Otherwise, germs can easily enter into eyes and eyes will start itching, burning.
  1. Keep Your Lenses Clean: Do not use shortcuts while cleaning your lenses. Always use doctor-recommended lenses or can buy contact lenses online in Singapore to get best quality lenses. You can also daily disposable lenses if you won’t pay attention to lenses cleaning. It is a quick use and throws system. Every night these are thrown into the bin and the next morning can start with fresh lenses. On the other side, if you want to save a penny, you can also use extended lenses. These serve you best when you use doctor’s recommended solution only for lenses care.
  1. Always follow the Doctor’s recommendations: Always use the doctor’s recommended products only. Some of the new wearers go with substitute lenses in order to save some money. Keep in mind; these can let your eyes in trouble. Cheap quality lenses always cost you more. Therefore, do not go by labeled and look at their other details of authentication. Fix next appointment with the doctor before leaving the chamber.
  1. Keep eyes Hydrated: Whether or not you are wearing contact lenses, it is highly important that you must drink plenty of water. This will keep your body and eyes always hydrated. Depending on your profession or lifestyle, you can also add supplements in your diet. People who work on computers or exposed to dry air, it’s better to use eye drops to keep eyes moist. Even if you do not wear contacts, it will let your eyes hydrated. But be sure, your eye drops must be compatible with lenses. Therefore, do not forget to ask for a doctor’s recommendation.
  1. Strictly Follow Wearing and Replacing Guidelines: Do not make and follow own rules. Always go with doctor’s suggestion. He will guide you with proper wearing and replacing time and procedure. Do not stretch contact lenses life for next week. This can create a big problem. In addition, never sleep with your contact lenses. These will start irritation in eyes that results in eye redness.

Contact lenses are the best option to enhance your vision and give spectacles life. If you won’t be afraid of common issues that arise on first-time contact lens wearing, lenses will help you to enjoy your life fully. Even you can participate in an outdoor game that you were avoiding due to glasses. But do not ignore contact lenses safety measures.