Raise Packaging Efficiency with Custom Tuck Boxes

Raise Packaging Efficiency with Custom Tuck Boxes

Packaging brands keep experimenting with layouts and styles of different boxes. Custom tuck boxes come under such packaging types that create hype in the market for being highly secure. Many boxes beautiful in outlook fail to secure the packed items. Other boxes that effectively secure the items don’t look enticing.

Tuck packaging boxes don’t lack in any of the packaging aspects. Made from high-quality materials, tuck boxes contain two flaps on the top. These flaps tightly tuck inside the boxes to create a tight closing and offer peak security to packed items. Brands can benefit from these boxes by adding branding elements and making their outlooks beautiful. Bulk sellers can order wholesale tuck boxes at sale prices and gain economic benefits. Luxury brands can use sleeves on the boxes to create a unique and beautiful outlook and gain marketing benefits.

Diverse Kinds of Tuck Boxes

Custom tuck boxes come in different layouts to serve different purposes. Each tuck packaging type comes with add-ons and inserts and is built in different layouts. These different tuck boxes include:

  • Straight Tuck with Tailored Window
  • Side Lock Tuck Top Display Box
  • Straight Tuck with Rise up Insert
  • Tuck-end Snap-Lock Bottom
  • Slope Top Reverse Tuck-end
  • Reverse Tuck End Boxes
  • Reverse Tuck End with Lock
  • Four Corner Tray Tuck Top
  • Roll-end Tuck Top
  • Tuck-end Auto-bottom
  • Tuck End Snap Lock Bottom
  • Tuck End Cover
  • Bellow Dust Flap Lock Box with Tuck
  • Double Wall Tuck Front

Let’s look into the details of some of the most used custom tuck box types in different industries:

1.     Straight Tuck Boxes

Brands selling small sweets like chocolates, toffees, and cadies, use straight tuck boxes. This box comprises two flaps i.e., one flap at the bottom of the box and the other at its top. These flaps can be tucked inside the boxes to tightly close them and secure packed items during storage and transport. This is the most popular packaging type of tuck box due to its layout and top-notch security. Brands convert these boxes into successful marketing tools by printing high-definition designs, colors, and branding elements like logos, texts, symbols, etc. 

2.     Tuck Top Auto Bottom Boxes

This tuck box type comprises four flaps only at the bottom of the packaging to create a tight closing. The four flaps tightly close and seal the boxes creating a strong base that prevents the packed items from falling. Brands adore these boxes due to their sealed packaging and thus, use them to pack and dispatch lightweight items. These include several food items, medicines, vaccines, sweets, etc. Brands can gain all the marketing benefits by adding branding elements to the boxes and elevating their outlook.  

3.     Small Reverse Tuck Boxes

Small reverse tuck packaging ranks among the most popular boxes due to its small size. Most brands use this small version of a reverse tuck box to pack their small items like candies, chocolates, toffees, makeup items, and gaming accessories among many others. They also use these boxes due to their ability to safely transport the items without getting them damaged. For esteemed clients, brands also offer these boxes as gift packaging for gift products like cosmetics, small toys, sweets, makeup kits, etc. They tailor this packaging to turn them into stunning gift boxes that delight the recipients.  

4.     Reverse Tuck Boxes

In a reverse tuck box, the flap at the box top is fixed to its front side while it opens into its back side. The flap at the bottom of the box opens into its front side and is fixed to its back side. Due to the easy unboxing and relatively less secure base than the regular tuck packaging, brands use these boxes to pack lightweight items. These include household items, snacks, biscuits, etc. To make these boxes appealing, brands can use different printing types to print high-quality colors and graphics.      

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