Some of the Best Decisions You Can Make About Your Home These Key Investments Will Keep You Happy and Make Your Home More Valuable


All homeowners want to be just a little bit better at the art of homeownership. While some of us just wish we could get the technique down for fixing a leaking faucet, there are others who hope to be a bit more precise the next time they design, create, and install their own crown molding. Then, there are those many other homeowners who wish they knew where to start.

The good news is you don’t even have to learn a skill to get better at homeownership. If you’re not handy enough to stop a leak – or do your own woodwork (yikes) – you can still take some key steps to make your home more valuable and feel satisfied that you’ve done the right thing.

Some of the best things you can do for your home simply require a bit of research to find an expert who can efficiently and affordably help you out.

What You Can Do for Your Home – Without Even Lifting a Finger

Okay, so maybe you will need to lift a finger, but most of your work will involve online research. Your task: to find the best air conditioner repairs business in your area, as well as the best foundation and roofing companies. Below, find out why you need expert technicians from each of these industries at your home and what you can do to find the best services available near you.

  1. Invest in Excellent HVAC Repair and Maintenance

First, ensure you have an excellent HVAC repair company on your team. At some point – if you’re in the homeownership game for the long run – your HVAC system is going to need replacement. Typically, your heating and cooling system will give out before the 20-year mark. How close to that 20-year mark you get all depends on how well you maintain it. Otherwise, it’s likely that avoidable repairs will plague your checkbook, and you’ll be on the hook for a new system sooner than you want to be. What’s more, you won’t get to experience the comfort that your heating and cooling is supposed to provide.

To ensure you get the optimal amount of life out of your system, search for a local HVAC company that offers a service agreement. If you stick with a service agreement, you’ll get affordable maintenance two times a year, and your technician will take good care of your system, including monitoring any trouble areas and cleaning components.

This will help you enjoy the hottest and coldest times of the year without worry – and you’ll get the most life out of your machine overall. If you do intend to sell, a well-kept HVAC system is far more likely to entice buyers than a dilapidated one. All in all, you’ll have more cash on hand during your homeownership if you aren’t making avoidable repairs – and you’ll likely sell your house for your asking price by boasting a good HVAC system, among other important appliances.

  1. Don’t Skip the Roof

Your approach to your roof should be similar to how you treat your HVAC system. Without proper care and maintenance, your roof will also eventually surprise you with cumulative damage you could have prevented. Consider this: each year roofs get hit by hail, branches, heavy snow, rain, and wind. Your gutters also get clogged with rain and leaves. Yes, your roof is durable and strong, and it’s supposed to protect you against the elements, but year-after-year protection requires maintenance. If you don’t care for your roof, it will eventually cause you more problems than if you simply had it inspected regularly and performed maintenance.

Here’s one area where you can actually do a bit of handiwork: if you’re able, and you have a spotter and a roofing ladder, check your roof twice a year to see if you notice any cracks, damage, or any roofing material that needs to be replaced. Then, ensure your gutters are completely clear of debris and water. Clearing your gutters ensures that water isn’t going to damage the wood beneath your roof’s asphalt, and checking on your roof will let you know whether you need to call a roofing expert.

A roofing expert can quickly take care of any damage you notice with repairs that will maintain your roof’s integrity throughout the year. This team will also point out any troubling areas that should be addressed now rather than later. Typically, a superior roofing team will provide a free inspection and outline their recommendations. Not only will you avoid larger, more expensive issues down the road, but – much like your HVAC system – a well-maintained roof goes a long way with homebuyers.

  1. Research a Home Foundation Repair Company, Too

Lastly, consider your foundation. While your foundation seems a bit more under-the-radar than your roof or HVAC system, it is important to remember how essential this structure is. Your foundation holds the rest of your home up. If your foundation fails, the rest of your home will begin to fail as well. Homeowners who are looking to buy absolutely have the foundation inspected, and perhaps even more thoroughly than the roof or HVAC.

Homeowners can easily inspect their own foundations simply by using their senses. If you see cracks in the walls or water in your basement, smell a significant musty smell, or feel air drafts, you’ve noticed some of the most important signs that point to foundation trouble. Additionally, if you observe that upstairs doors and windows stick when you try to open them or you see cracks around door frames, these could be signs as well.

Once you’ve done your initial inspection – and you’ve noticed any of these signs – it’s always best to give a foundation expert a call. They can advise you on what’s normal and what’s a sign of foundation issues that need to be addressed. LIke the roofing services we mentioned above, you’ll likely be able to get this information for free. Then, it’s important to act right away by tapping the expertise of the foundation company you’ve selected. If you notice that the team you’ve called is local, boasts strong customer reviews, and offers a variety of small and large foundation services to meet any need, you’ve found a winner. Now, you can avoid the safety issues and expense that comes with foundation damage and keep your foundation maintained for the life of your home – and for those who will live there after you.

 Effective Homeownership Isn’t as Hard as It Seems

Three areas of your home are relatively easy to take care of with some research on excellent home repair companies and a few observations you can make without any special equipment. When your HVAC system, your roof, and your foundation are in their best shape, your home is far more valuable than when they’re not, simply because these areas matter to homebuyers.

They should matter to you, too. After all, your foundation keeps your house strong, your roof keeps you dry and protected from the outdoors, and your HVAC system provides a comfortable environment. Fortunately, with a little knowledge, you can demonstrate care for your home – even if you’ll never be the fix-it type.