The House Renovation Safety Tips: Giving your House Keys to Contractors

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Your house is mostly your top priority. And for such reason, you have not only spend a significant amount of money, but you have also invested your hard work and time. Because of this reason, when you start planning about renovation, owners can be apprehensive about allowing strange people in the home while they are away.

In some cases, it is not a big concern for older people and those who work from home. For the remaining, it might be a fact to reconsider. For large remodeling projects, it might be impossible not to provide access to your contractors, as the owner cannot be around every time to keep a check on the project, as it will take a couple of months to get complete.

On average, 80 percent of the house owners give contractors access to the house through a key or password. And the remaining, work accordingly to make sure everything is comfortable. In this article, you will know whether it is safe to give your house keys to contractors or not.

Give a Reliable and Reputable Contractor the Access

Hiring a professional and reliable contractor is the first step you must take to ensure your home is in safe hands. Do detailed research about the contractor, like how long they have been around and their reputation in the community.

Contractors like these are the best option that you must take. It means they will pay their taxes, complete all the background checks on the employees and workers, have workers’ compensation, and carry the proper insurance.

You can also make sure that your contractor is licensed by checking their official website or online. Hiring a contractor whose background does not exist will always give you a high rate of problems. However, there are several people who don’t have a background and offer excellent services, but there will always be an increased risk of problems occurring.

Security Codes and Passwords

If you are more concerned about giving the house key, the best option is to buy a reliable smart door lock from any hardware store and ask your contractor to install it. This will ensure that everything stays in control, and no one leaves the house by keeping a key with them.

The other better option is to install a small programmable lock, or you can ask your contractor to access your garage keypad. Most of the new smart locks are connected with your Wi-Fi connection and your mobile phone. It allows you to keep a check on those people who are entering and leaving your house. As well as when they open and close the house door.

You can also provide different lock codes to other people, so you will know who is at your house and when. This will give the contractor access to your home and gives you peace of mind. The smart door lock system is the most recommended solution in such cases.

Secure Your Valuable Items

One of the best things that you can do is to secure the valuable items of your house. Such items must be stored in a locker, hidden, or moved to another location in your home where the renovation process is not being performed.

This will make sure that all your essential things are kept safe, and no one can keep a hand on them when you are not around. The best option to make a hidden safe, where you can easily place your valuable stuff and ensure that no one touches it without your permission.

Reduce the Roaming

Always make sure that the contractor and his employees are in a particular area where the work is being performed. There must not be any reason that people can roam in other parts of your house. However, they might need access to use the utility rooms to shut off power, water, etc., but otherwise, the workers must stay in the desired area where the work is being done.

The best option is to keep the doors locked of all other rooms where the work is not being done as it will make sure that no one roams in your house when you are not around.

If you find someone roaming in your house where the work is not being done, you must immediately contact your contractor and ask them to instantly deal with it because you are paying them for completing the task with proper discipline.

Change Your Security Codes 

Once your entire house project is complete, you must immediately change or delete the existing security codes that your contractor and his employees were using. With this, you can make sure that no one has your new security codes, and no one can enter the house in your absence.

If you do not change your security codes, someone who is already familiar with the security codes can easily enter your house without breaking anything. Keeping your property secure must be your top priority, as you have invested thousands of dollars in it. It will always be recommended that you change your home security codes and passwords immediately after the renovation process is complete.

All part of the job

While the most reliable and reputable house contractors perform a detailed background check before hiring their employees, they won’t argue if you are not comfortable giving them your house keys. After all, your home renovation task is to make your life more comfortable and more manageable. If you are not satisfied with it, then don’t do it.

Know the Tradeoffs

Usually, most of the contractors will do their job according to the owner’s comfort level; not providing the key to the contractor can delay the entire project. On average, most of the people hand over their keys to the contractor or put them in a lockbox. While others like to stay in when the work is being done. You can do whatever you want, depending on your comfort and trust level.


Renovating the house is a stressful job. By following the steps mentioned in the article, you can make sure everything is going as scheduled. If you are thinking of not giving your contractor the keys, then it is suggested that you provide them with access. As it will not delay the process, and with smart security solutions, you can make sure that everything is fine.

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