Things to Consider Before You Buy an Exercise Bike for Sale

Exercise Spin Bike

If you want to purchase an exercise bike, then consider this. There is nothing wrong with pumping iron at a gym, but occasionally, you might want to be away from it all. While going for a walk or taking an occasional jog might feel all right for the moment, there will be occasions where you will want to remain indoors. At such times, an exercise bike is the most favourite choice for working out at home.

You can buy an exercise bike for a workout at home, because it is a convenient fitness machine for your cardio and general wellness. In addition, there is the added advantage of not dealing with heavy traffic and you do not cause any pollution as well while staying indoors!

You might feel that using an exercise bike at home for your cardio or general wellness routine is quite dull. However, in today’s times, you have the option of wearables and other wellness apps that make your exercise routine quite exciting and exhilarating. Surely, an exercise bike adds a twist of class and elegance to your lounge room!

What type of bike resistance should you choose?

You might want an exercise bike that offers a convenient form of resistance. Generally, exercise bikes with three types of resistance mechanisms are available on the market. You can choose an exercise bike with magnetic resistance, electromagnetic resistance, or with air resistance.

An exercise bike with magnetic resistance includes magnets that can be adjusted close to or away from the flywheel. Closer the magnet to the flywheel, higher is the resistance.  In case of an exercise bike with electromagnetic resistance, the power that flows through the magnets can be varied to determine the resistance. Such exercise bikes are generally more expensive than magnetic resistance bikes.

In case of exercise bikes that offer air resistance ability, the resistance is determined by the manual power you supply to the pedals. The faster you cycle, the harder it becomes to pedal the bike. Such an exercise bike is most suitable for interval training.

What kind of console does it use?

If you want to monitor your performance, you will need to buy an exercise bike with a monitoring console. The monitoring console on an exercise bike provides you with information and vital statistics such as distance covered, speed at which you cycle and the calories burnt, and other parameters concerning your performance. In some cases, you can even connect your mobile phone to your exercise bike with the help of a suitable app.

Are the seat and handlebars adjustable?

It’s also advisable to choose an exercise bike that has adjustable handlebars and a seat. This will help you to exercise conveniently while indoors and not leave yourself sore or exhausted after your exercise.

Will I need a bike seat cover?

You might need additional accessories such as a bike seat cover in case you perspire too much. This will help you keep yourself in a clean and hygienic condition even during a heavy series of exercises.

Is a treadmill or exercise bike better? 

Both—treadmills and exercise bikes offer decent cardio exercise. Therefore, you can also buy treadmills online to stay fit and healthy. However, there are a couple of interesting points between them. Treadmills not only occupy more room and are generally more costly; on the other hand, an exercise bike may be an ideal choice in the end as they occupy less space and offer convenient cardio exercise options too.

That treadmills may injure your knees might be a cause of worry to you, but before considering any danger of strain or injury, we will suggest simply settling on your decision by personal preferences. The two machines offer a decent exercise, which means a definitive primary consideration comes down to which fitness machine you like, and which one offers more convenience and usability to you.


This article covers the main important considerations when choosing an exercise bike for sale. We started with discussing your budget plan and the kind of exercise bike you would prefer, prior to moving onto specific models such as a Norflex spin bike, a flywheel exercise bike, or an air exercise bike that matches your prerequisites.

Fortunately, there truly is an exercise bike out there for everybody. Regardless of whether you are a learner or competitor, have a strict budget plan or need a top-notch model, there are some superb exercise bikes available for your needs!