Things You Need to Know Before Appoint Your First Gynecologist


Your first-time appointment with a gynaecologist may feel like a daunting situation. Women need to see a gynaecologist at some point of their life for a number of reasons. Especially, teenage girls and pregnant women have to visit a gynaecologist. So it is a part of every woman’s life and nothing to feel afraid of.

In case you are not sure of consulting a gynaecologist because of your fear and uneasiness, here are the few necessary things you must know before your first visit.

Right Age To See A Gynaecologist

As soon as a girl starts their menstruation, their time to see a gynaecologist starts. It is during the age between 13 and 15, when girls may require to consult a gynaecologist for any issues related to their periods.

On the other hand, women who are expecting, trying to conceive or have any reproductive organ disorder must see a gynaecologist for the right treatment. Get in touch with a gynaecologist today and fix your appointment for a checkup as per your requirement.

Do Not Feel Uncomfortable

One must not feel uncomfortable talking about problems related to their gynaecological issues. You must speak everything in detail to your doctor. If you feel nervous about your first-time visit, you can always take someone with you for support.

Your gynaecologist will ask you a common thing about your menstrual cycle, overall health, sex life (if required in case of adults), normal lifestyle and other details to understand you and your problem. One must give proper information to the doctor so that the diagnosis can be done accurately.

Type Of Diagnosis Done

Mostly, on the first time visit for a general checkup, the doctor will not perform any tests. During the visit, the doctor will only try to understand your reason for the visit through simple questions and discussion.

But some may require certain tests that depend on the sexual life of the person and their age. You may require undergoing genital tests and pelvic exams including blood pressure exam and height-weight measurements. To know more about tests, you must find the best gynaecologist.

What Are External Genital & Pelvic Tests?

This test is only done in patients with any issues with the genital area and needs a primary analysis of the area. The regions that are diagnosed in this test are vulva, clitoris, labia and anus.

This test is done only when the patient’s age is 21 or above. During a pelvic test, the doctor checks for any signs of abnormality in the pelvic area such as the ovaries, cervix, uterus, bladder and vulva. This test does not require much time and is done in the doctor’s chamber.

Always Ask Questions

Never feel embarrassed or shy to ask questions. You should get all your doubts cleared during the consultation. You can make a list of things you need to ask before you visit your gynaecologist. A good doctor will always help you out with your queries and should encourage the patient to talk freely about their concerns and doubts.

Seeing a gynaecologist should not make you feel awkward. You should seek advice anytime you need it.