Tips to Choose the Right Office Chair


Finding the right office chair poses its own set of challenges. Considering the variation in personal preferences and distinct body needs, there is no such ideal office chair that can fit everyone’s needs. The type of work you are involved in is likely to affect your choice of the office chair. But with endless options available out there, finding the right chair becomes very daunting. 


Well, it doesn’t have to be that worrisome. Simply, acquainting yourself with some fundamental features of chairs will help you make a wise decision. 

Given below are some tips that can assist you in picking the office chair to boost your productivity. 


Here we go…


Chair Height

An ideal office chair should provide good adjust ability to fit your body alignment. While being seated on a chair, your feet should lay flat on the ground with an angle of 90 degrees. A too high chair can increase pressure on your bones and could lead to swelling in your ankles. Whereas too low chair can hinder blood circulation. Therefore, choose a chair that provides easy height adjustment for optimal body comfort. 


Backrest & Lumbar Support

Most of our day time is spent working in the office. Thus, a good office chair should provide appreciable backrest and lumbar support. The chair should offer proper back support to enable you to maintain the right posture while working. The adjust ability of lumbar and back support should assist you in working in different positions.

For example, working on a computer table needs to maintain an upright position while attending the meeting, you need to sit in a relaxed position. As such, your chair should offer a smooth switching between different positions for different activities. 



The headrest is an optional feature that depends on an individual’s preferences. The headrest is attached to office chairs to provide extra neck support to those who prefer working in a reclined position. Sometimes, due to long hours working human head can lead to adding strain on the shoulder and neck area. With that being said, the headrest is an essential feature for people who prefer working in a reclined position.



An ergonomic office chair should embed an adjustable armrest. Armrests help in alleviating fatigue and muscle strain while long hours working. It is beneficial for reducing stress in the neck, shoulder, wrists, and forearm region. But make sure that armrests do not interfere with your work area. That’s where adjustable feature comes to your help. The adjustable arms enable you to alter arm pad width, move it in forward and backward position, adjust its height and flip backwards. 


Seating Material 

The cushioning of an office chair should be comfortable enough to support long hours sitting, plus, should also be firm enough to guarantee structural support. Furthermore, the upholstered fabric on the chair should offer excellent breath ability to render a cooler atmosphere for sitting. Also, it should incorporate appropriate cushioning so that the person enjoys comfortable sitting without feeling the chair base. 


When next investing in an office chair, do your research and invest in the right piece.