Tips to Create an Amazing Cartoon Logo for Your Brand

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In the current digital era, brands keep on leveraging novel technologies to boost their business. As a part of the process, the domain of designing is also evolving relentlessly. While designing logos is an integral part of boosting the brand value, you should keep up with the changing trends as well. Collaborate with a logo design company to keep up with the evolving times.

In the world of logo designs, cartoon logos have emerged as one of the most dominating trends in the present times. A cartoon logo design might be perfect for your brand if you are trying to create a fun, amusing and friendly logo that your target audience can easily relate to and recognize. Some of the specific features of a cartoon logo design are friendly fonts, vibrant colors, and caricatures inspired by popular cartoon characters like, Tom & Jerry or Donald Duck.

Cartoon logos have become a popular asset for creating a brand identity as they allow brands to add a surprise element to their personality and amuse their target audience by showing off their light-hearted side. Also, contrary to popular belief, cartoon logos are not just meant for younger audiences. Rather, the creation of a relatable, fun character for your logo will make it almost impossible for people to forget your brand.

So, if you want to create a successful cartoon logo for your brand, here are a few tips to get you started.

Personify Your Brand Identity

Creating a character or mascot to represent your brand is the easiest way to breathe life into your design. Therefore, try to conceive a character that reflects your brand value. Personifying the brand with the help of a mascot or a character helps you connect more efficiently with the audience and communicating your ideas better at the same time. You can also employ different poses or situations using the same mascot to portray different ideas. This lets you address a more diverse range of messages without losing your brand identity.

To achieve this goal, you must think of your brand as a person and give it a personality. But, make sure that the cartoon character fits the personality of your brand or what you are trying to represent. For example, what kind of business do you have? Where is this business located? What kind of clients do you serve? What are your mission and vision? You can incorporate these elements while creating the mascot so that the audience can easily relate to your brand. Don’t forget to take your brand’s name into account as you can play around with it as well.

Research to Know Your Competitors

The first step to designing a cartoon logo is scoping the competition and studying the current trends. Check out the logos of your competitors to find out the cartoon characters that they have used for their logo design. This will help you to explore uncharted areas of creativity, and most importantly, avoid overused, clichéd characters.

Your objective should be to stand out, but remain relevant. If you feel you cannot grab the pulse of the current trends, you can always hire a logo design company that provides unique designs and brainstorm new ideas with them.

Be Original

The key to having a brilliant cartoon logo is to be original. More often than not, similar companies dealing in the same products or services have similar-looking logos. If you fall for the same tropes, it will be difficult for your brand to stand out. It will also become a major impediment to your brand strategy. So, look for fresh, creative, and original ideas.

Play to Your Strengths

Unlike abstract or minimalistic logos, cartoon logos need to be illustrative and poignant. Therefore, forget about subtle and symbolic designs. Rather, go for lively, vivid ones that instantly catch the audiences’ attention. You can also incorporate a slogan or brand motto to enhance the strength of your design. To this end, make sure your logo and slogan emphasize your brand’s strength. For instance, if you wish to portray power, you can think on the lines of Lion King, Superman, or such other powerful characters that evoke strong emotions.

Choose Your Color Palette Carefully

Since cartoon logos are supposed to be vivacious and entertaining, colors play an important role in their execution. However, while designing your cartoon logo, choose your colors carefully. Depending on the culture of the population you want to address, colors carry different meanings and implications. Try to understand these connotations and choose them accordingly. They can strongly influence people’s perception of the brand. Stick to the ones that give rise to positive, jovial feelings. Also, try not to put too many colors on a single design. The key to a perfect color palette is balance.

Your logo is the first thing that people will notice about your brand. Therefore, it has a crucial role to play in shaping the first impression. So, hire professional logo design services for your cartoon logo designing project.

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