Tips &Tricks to Get the Best and Cheapest Hotel Deals

Hotel Deals for Everyone

Hotels are one of the prime factors that you need to consider while traveling. The search for hotels can also take a lot of time. You need to check all your amenities before selecting the one for your vacation. Hotels can be a bit expensive than your expectations because it all depends on your comfort. You will get a gamut of options to decide the kind of hotel or resort you want. Technology has changed many things, and you should take advantage of that.

If you think booking a hotel can be a hectic process or you will get deals at your friend’s hotel, then you should check these hacks once. If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend much on hotels, then we have something for you. Here we will discuss some of the best hacks that will save you more with no compromising in comfort.

10 Hacks to Get the Cheapest and Best Hotel Deals

1. Start With Research

It is essential to find the location that suits your trip and search for the city’s central location. This will be the best way to explore the whole city without getting into much trouble. Also, select a hotel as per your need like if you are a person who loves a basic lifestyle, then there is no need to book a four or 5-star; you would be able to do with low-cost hotels.

2. Check The Available Pictures Of The Hotel

This one is important because, as you know, pictures speak a lot than words. Try exploring the pictures of the hotel you choose. It will give you a better idea about the amenities and services they offer. Most of the hotels upload their updated pictures to show the best. So it is the best and simple way to discover more. Pay attention to the details; otherwise, you may get surprises when you reach the hotel.

3. Try Booking Online

The best way to save and explore more on your hotel and resort bookings is by using online platforms. Stores like Agoda are known for their best service in hotel and flight bookings. You should explore all the hotels that suit your location and your budget. The best thing is that you can go through Agoda Offers to save more on your bookings. Also, such online stores help you to find last moment hotels. Another best thing is that you can use filters and choose a hotel as per your priorities.

4. Travel Off-Season

Traveling off-season is one of the best ways as you will get the best deals and hotels at a low price. At this time hotels are very less in demand, so their prices are also low. You can easily grab many deals, and simultaneously you can use your negotiation skills. In off-season booking, you may also get additional benefits because they don’t have too many guests. You need to find out about their peak seasons and book accordingly.

5. Weekdays Are Better Than Weekends

Weekends are also some of the peak days that are high on demands. You should plan your trip for weekdays to get the best deals. You may not get rooms available on your weekends, but on weekdays you will easily get luxury rooms at an economical price. Also, the possibilities are that you will get some complimentary benefits or deals. So after deciding your destination try to plan days accordingly to get the amazing deals.

6. Book One Big Room Instead Of Multiple Rooms

If you are traveling with family or friends, then try to go for a bigger room. You can also choose for the extra bedding instead of booking multiple rooms. This will help you to save a hefty amount in your bookings. Even connected rooms are a great option if you are staying with family. Booking a separate room can be exorbitant, and you can easily save money by choosing a bigger room.

7. Don’t Decide As Per Reviews Solely

Reviews are one of the best ways to know about the real user experience, but as we know, all things have two sides, so reviews can also be fake. You can’t rely solely on reviews, and if you are relying on, you need to be sure that they are real. Everyone has their priority set; it is possible that some services are not as per their needs but fine with you. It is better if you don’t allow a single factor to decide everything.

8. Compare Fare Before Finalizing Anything

This point is not solely for the hotels; you can use it on most of the services. Use fare comparing websites to get the best deals among all. When you explore the comparison list, you will see a huge difference in price on different websites. This will help you to get the same services at a low price. You can do this for all other facilities like flight bookings and others.

9. Check For Refund Policy 

People usually miss this one, but it is very important to check the refund policy. The thing is, refundable rooms are 5-10% more expensive. But this will offer you the flexibility to change dates if required, and that can also save a good amount of your booking. If you get some other hotel with all facilities and at a lower price, you can cancel the refundable room and grab the new deal. Simultaneously also keep check of your cancellation policy because some hotels won’t allow same-day cancellation.

10. Negotiation

People usually believe negotiation is not a great way to get discounts or deals. If you have negotiation skills, you can surely grab some discount or offer from hotel staff. You need to be polite and show some gratitude for their services. Now here is the possibility that you may get the discount or they will say no, but if you get the deal, then what else can be best then that.


Now that’s it for the list; these are some of the best hacks you should try. Just keep in mind you do not have to go so far to save on your bookings. Use these simple hacks that will help you to get the best deals on hotels. It is believed that better comfort comes at a higher price, but technology has changed things. You don’t have to depend on one or two hotels; now, you have a gamut to explore. Check out the complete list and try using them on your next trip.