Top 5 Historic Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Kilkenny in 2019


Kilkenny, well known as the Marble City, started as a religious group of people in the 6th century and has developed into the fifth-largest town in Ireland. A lot of people know about the 800-year-old Kilkenny Castle, but the city is more than that.  

Kilkenny is the perfect place if you want to indulge yourself with a rich history and culture! It’s a medieval centre where you can find yourself walking down the cobbled streets for hours and appreciating the centuries-old buildings that were kept in such flawless condition. And if you love to shop, Kilkenny is great for its various shops selling pottery, artwork, and jewellery along its old-fashioned lanes. 

Here are the most historic places you can visit that deserve to be posted on your Instagram feed. Hopefully, you’ll find our list helpful as you plan your own trip! 

#1 St. Canice Cathedral 

This cathedral was built in the 1200s and Christians were worshipping on the site ever since the 6th century. The cathedral stands resilient today and has been strictly preserving its authentic early gothic style. Once you enter the church, you’ll see the original baptismal font, together with a replica of an original 13th-century stained glass window. Plus, the cathedral contains several of the finest 16th-century monuments in Ireland. It’s really worth the visit!

#2 Kilkenny Castle, Rose Garden, and Park

Of course, our list won’t be complete without the famous Kilkenny castle! The castle stands dramatically at a planned height and dominating a crossing on the River Nore. Many renovations were made over the centuries and today, the castle boasts a blend of architectural styles. 

During the early thirteenth century, the original Anglo-Norman stone castle was built for the 4th Earl of Pembroke before turning into the main Irish residence of the powerful Butler family for almost 600 years. 

#3 National Craft Gallery and Kilkenny Design Centre

Meanwhile, in the former castle stables, Kilkenny Design Centre displays the best of contemporary Irish craft such as knitwear, jewellery, textiles, and pottery. It’s time for your Instagram to literally have an artsy feed! Aside from original Irish handcrafted products of the best quality, they also provide an excellent restaurant that opens daily and in the evenings from Thursday to Saturday. 

Next door to Kilkenny Design Centre is the National Craft Gallery. In 2000, the gallery was established as Ireland’s foremost centre for contemporary craft and design. It showcases Irish and cutting-edge international designers, artisans, and artists across various disciplines and holds an ever-changing and broad range of exhibitions. 

#4 Rothe House and Gardens

Tudor Rothe House is just a five-minute walk from St. Mary. Rothe is a merchant’s house that was built around two courtyards and was revamped in 1966 and has been gaining a lot of visits from tourists around the globe ever since. 

Today, it became the headquarters of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, with their library and museum. This house provides museum exhibits, such as a period costume collection, a genealogical study centre, and a well-worn Viking sword. You have lots of opportunities to take great Instagram photos there! 

Plus, don’t forget to include the quaint walled garden on your Instagram feed. It opened in 2008 and it’s a reconstruction of an early 17th-century urban garden and also popular with visitors. 

#5 Dunmore Cave

Travelling to Kilkenny won’t be complete if you won’t get a bit adventurous! The Dunmore Cave is a must-visit ancient cave which is just about a 15-minute drive outside the city along the N78. The cave consists of a group of chambers formed over millions of years and contains several of the finest calcite formations in Ireland. 

This amazing cave was first mentioned in the 9th-century Irish Triads and its visitor centre comes with excavated items including bones, coins, and tools, many that are dated from the 10th century. If you want to explore Kilkenny more, we suggest that you look for Kilkenny accommodations near the places we mentioned!