Top 5 Reasons Behind Python Becoming So Popular


With time, the demand for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is increasing, which drives experts and beginners towards Python. This increases the need for Python. Be it web development or data science or DevOps; Python is used for everything. Big giants like Netflix and IBM are using Python.

It is stated that Python, a stable programming language, is not only used by the Python developers. It is considered as a great for web development and deployment automation, which is first introduced to many non-developers. There are many such reasons which make Python very popular. Today, let’s see the top reasons behind Python becoming so popular.

Why is Python so popular?

  1. Web Development

When backend app development is considered, Python is chosen by the majority of the developers who initially worked with PHP.

Python offers excellent libraries and frameworks like Flask and Django, which make the web development process easy.

Some of the major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, Google, and Spotify. For web development, Python creates a more robust code that can be used to form flexible use cases.

  1. Automation

To automate the tasks, writing test scripts is required. This is where Python comes into the picture. As we know that Python supports lots of modules and tools, which makes things more comfortable, and it also highlights the power of Python language.

The basic codes of Python can help one reach the advanced level of automation easily. Python is the performance booster of the most tedious task, i.e., Software testing.

  1. Simplicity

When a beginner wants to start learning any programming language, he would surely like to learn the language that is easy and high in demand. Therefore, Python becomes the first choice of any new learner.

Python is simple as well as a readable language. It is effortless to set up Python. You can install and run it on your system.

  1. Data Science

Compared to many other languages like C++ or R, Python holds a special place in the hearts of Data Scientists.

When we talk about Data Science, it is all about dealing with a massive amount of data, or we can say Big Data. Python has become the most promising option when it comes to using a broad set of frameworks and libraries. For instance, PyBrain, NumPy, and PyMySQL are one of the big reasons.

Integrating Python with other programming languages is easy. It makes it more future-oriented and scalable.

  1. Machine Learning

Python is an interpreted language. This makes it comprehensive to be interpreted by a virtual machine against any other machine language.

Machine learning has been rapidly changing everything, and even the algorithms are becoming sophisticated.

Compared to Java; the machine learning libraries are found more content around Python.


With the increasing demand for flexibility in the app development world. Python is in the number one position. Python is the fastest-growing language for machine learning, data science, and academic research. If you want to get a web app for your business and want to take advantage of this most popular language, then contact the Python programmer of OpenXcell, the Python development company.