Top Streaming Services for the Millennials

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Being a millennial myself, I think of us as enigmas, and a mysterious generation that either frustrates or excites the majority; there is no in-between. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Breaking Bad, these are the shows we grew up with. And how can we forget The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Dawson’s Creek? Those were exciting times.

Since the inception of online video streaming, it is difficult to find a service that meets the demands of millennials perfectly, because there are so many options available in the market. To clear your confusion, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on the top streaming services for millennials.

However, to stream without any buffering or lag, you need fast internet and reliable streaming service. If such a service is not available in your area, you can always go for an alternate option. Check out Cox cable TV plans that comes with a ready subscription to the best premium services in the market.However, if you have ready access to the streaming services and a powerful internet connection, then consider the following choices, and take your pick.

  1. Netflix

It is predicted that Netflix might be able to take over Hollywood one day and honestly, it can. It is easily the go-to streaming option for more than 150 million people in the world. Although it’s not a free service but in just $12.99, you can get access to an unending library of all your favorite TV series and movies – perfect for millennials who love binge-watching. This isn’t the reason why we think it will take over Hollywood. Its popularity is due to its capability of producing original content such as Westworld, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror.

  1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a close competitor of Netflix and offers a huge library of movies and TV shows for binge-watching the night away. With the subscription charges starting from $8.99, it does offer exclusive content such as Forever and The Man in the High Castle. Netflix beats Amazon in the exclusive content race, but it has a bigger library of movies and TV shows. You can stream in 4K and save content for offline viewing as well.

  1. Hulu

You wouldn’t be able to find Hulu anywhere in the world except the States but it is slowly becoming relevant in the streaming industry. It serves all the cord-cutters well by giving them access topopular channels like CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC. You can stream all the popular shows from these networks after the premiere. Moreover, you get Comedy Central, Bravo, and FX included. Hulu is home to our favorite shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and Saturday Night Live. Along with these popular cable networks, it has a library of more than 1400 movies and 1800 TV series.

  1. HBO

HBO has been the ultimate hub of entertainment for millennials all these years. It introduced us to the amazing world of Game of Thrones whose season finale was an utter disappointment but still, the other seasons make it, arguably, the greatest TV show of all times. Game of Thrones is a recent venture,but we all grew up watching Sopranos. The HBO subscription starts at $14.99 per month. Yes, it is a bit expensive if you compare it with other services but we forgive them for the sake of Game of Thrones.

  1. YouTube TV

Streaming your favorite TV shows live has never been so smooth!The advent of YouTube TVhasliterally broughta revolutionary wave acrossall the streaming wars. The only drawback is that they charge you a somewhat hefty sum every month. However, you can stream and broadcast with no restrictions whatsoever.

Embrace yourself for more services!

Disney+, Apple TV, and Peacock are new competitors in the streaming TV race and we cannot resist the urge to get all of them. Marvel Universe has teamed up with Disney+, Peacock will get The Office, and Friends is going to HBO. All these services have locked our favorite shows, and don’t complain if you end up paying more than 80 bucks for all these services.

However, when your favorite TV shows and movies are at stake, it’s okay if your monthly bill goes up.