TV Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best One in 2020?

TV Buying Guide How To Choose the Best One in 2020

Over the years, television sets have transformed significantly. From the old box sets using CRTs, to plasma TVs, to now LCD and LED TVs, we’ve come a long way in just two decades. Furthermore, television sets have also become smarter; with the innovations and breakthroughs made in the smart TV segment, we can now stream our favourite movies, TV shows and matches on our big TV screens, instead of watching them on our smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Before purchasing a new television set however, one has to do their due diligence, and consider various factors such as their budget, the TV screen size, TV screen’s resolution, and if they want to invest in a smart TV. If you are planning on buying the best tv in India for your home, here is how you can narrow down your options, and what you need to consider while buying your new TV.

Price Range

Before you do window shopping, or set your heart on a TV set that may go way over your budget, it is important to understand how much money you are willing to pay for a new TV. While products from premium brands like Sony, Samsung and LG and several others would generally cost you more when compared to other brands, you needn’t necessarily overspend even if you want a feature-rich television set.

With brands like Xiaomi and VU entering the Indian market, it is now possible to buy feature-rich TV sets with high-end specs. As brands now focus on providing budget-friendly options, it gives consumers a myriad of options to choose from. For instance, the Xiaomi Mi 4C Pro 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV is widely regarded as the best 32 inch LED TV, and also the best TV under 15000. Furthermore, it is also true that by spending more money on a TV, one can get a TV unit with deeper blacks, better contrast and wide colour gamut. Vu TV is also getting most of popularity for the features it is providing.

Screen Size

There is no dearth of options when it comes to TV screen size, as we can now buy LED TVs ranging from 32 inches to over 100 inches, which effectively turns your room into a theatre. However, as the screen size increases, so does the TV’s price. While a 32-inch TV would be enough for a bedroom, one might be better off buying a 43-inch TV, or a 55-inch TV for their living room.

Most of the TVs today come with wide viewing angles, so by buying a 55-inch TV, you can watch the images moving no matter where you are seated inside the room. Depending on your budget, you can make an informed decision regarding the screen size you would want to buy. Furthermore, TVs with large screen sizes usually come with 4K resolution.

Screen Type

When you’re buying a new TV, you are investing for the long-haul. Thus, you have to make a decision about the screen type. To be more specific, you have to make a decision regarding whether you want to buy an LED TV, or invest in a more expensive OLED TV. OLED TVs (or QLED TVs if you are purchasing a Samsung TV) are not back-lit like LED TVs, and instead, the pixels adjust on their own, giving a far superior picture as compared to LED TVs.

OLED TVs also give truer, deeper blacks, along with better contrast and shadow details. Thus, OLED TVs are usually better than even 4K LED TVs, but are also more expensive.

Smart TVs: Busting Myths

Today, smart TVs are all the rage, and for a good reason. Smart TVs can do almost anything that your laptop can do, including streaming movies or shows from OTT platforms, surfing the web, and even getting your work done. That doesn’t necessarily mean that smart TVs would put a dent in your savings.

The Mi LED TV 4A PRO 80cm (32 inches) costs just under Rs. 12,500, making it one of the best 32 inch LED TVs in the market. You can also opt for VU TVs, which offer premium look and feel, and are cheaper than the smart TVs provided by brands such as Samsung and Sony.

Screen Resolution

TVs today come with different screen resolutions. Unlike the old TV sets, which had abysmal resolution, TVs today come with HD-Ready, full HD and Ultra HD (4K) resolutions. That is a jump from a million pixels (720p), to two million pixels (1080p) and finally eight million pixels (4K).

Considering TVs are long-term investments, it is advised that you purchase a 4K TV. Furthermore, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to buy a 4K TV. For instance, the VU 50-QDV 50 inch 4K (Ultra HD) Smart LED TV is priced below Rs. 25,000, making it one of the most popular products in the market today.