What are the flowers based on month of Birthday


Blossoms or flowers have known to symbolize many emotions and feelings attached to them. They are the best substitute for inexpressible words. Blossoms have a magical presence that fills the air around with aroma and charm. Blossoms have been used as a symbol of love, condolences, gratitude, passion, and health since ages. They have a soothing, vibrant, and aromatic presence. They are the best gifts to convey your love for your loved ones. With every flower being beautiful and charming in its way and colour, some flowers represent the personality traits and birthday month of the receiver and hence are a better bouquet of love over other gifts. Send Flowers to Navi Mumbai or other cities of India for your loved ones that mark their birthday month and symbolizes how charming and loved they are.

Birthdays visit us yearly and are amongst the extremely awaited days of our lives. We all love feeling special and making our loved ones feel the same. Birthdays come with a lot of excitement and gifts awaiting. This excitement can be added to more by choosing the right set of flowers that symbolize the birth month of our loved ones. Get the best and right bouquet of birthday flowers delivered with BloomsVilla.

Here are the months of the year and the blossoms that resemble them.


This first day of this month marks the beginning of a new year so this month is known for the birth of famous and creative persons. January borns have higher thinking order, leadership qualities, and are more intelligent. The blossoms that symbolize the traits of January born are carnation and snowdrop. These flowers are known for their vibrant range of colours and shapes. Carnation symbolizes love, passion, and affection. While the snowdrop says all about the kindness, hope, and forgiveness. Get a bouquet of carnation and snowdrop for your January born friend or family member.


The month of love or second month of the year February borns is generous, loyal, and moody. All flowers of blue, yellow, and white are the blossoms symbolizing February born people. Get a bouquet of iris for your February born friends or family members. Iris and promise are the soul flowers for these people.


The month of colours or the third month of year March is known to be the month of most innovative, artistic, and lively people. March borns are known as the most enthusiastic and peace-loving and hence the evergreen daffodils are their soul flowers. The bright yellow colors of daffodils indicate the presence of joy and happiness in their lives.


Traditional April flowers are Daisies. These flowers symbolize love, purity, and innocence that are the prominent traits of April born as they spread love wherever they go. A bouquet of Daisies will do wonders for April borns as they are known as the eye of the day. Daisies are very lovely and lively flowers and are a beautiful gift for your loved ones on their birthday.


May borns are associated with their month flower Lily of Valley as these vine shaped flowers symbolize sweetness and gentleness. May born people are known for strong-will and determination. A bouquet of lily of valley fills the room with fragrances and love. Gift your May born friends and family members with these beautiful flowers.


Roses of all shades are the perfect flowers that resemble the traits of June borns. Roses are a symbol of love, affection, and happiness. June borns are inquisitive and intelligent people who display child-like traits and are cheerful and full-of-life. Get your loved ones a bouquet of birthday flowers and roses of all shades and send flowers to Kolkata and at any place in India.


July borns are known to be emotional, technology lovers, enthusiastic, and focused. These people are known to cherish every moment they live. Delphinium is the best-suited match for July borns as they symbolize dignity and positivity.


August borns have Gladiolus as their soul flowers or birthday flowers. These amazing flowers symbolize true feelings and gratitude. The August borns are known to be sensitive, faithful, and productive. Gladiolus are the perfect match for them.


Aster is the birth flower of September borns. These people are overthinkers, loving, open-minded, and affectionate. Aster is associated with passion, love, and rebirth. Aster bloom throughout the year and are very lively flowers.


Marigolds are the tiny little flower that suits best the October borns who are peaceful, calm, and popular. These flowers symbolize tranquility, order, faith, and beauty. Marigolds are known to have vibration colour and multiple petals


Chrysanthemum also is known as mums are the birthday flowers of November borns as are beautiful, hardworking, calm, and collected. These flowers symbolize happiness and enthusiasm.


The Narcissus Holly also called the Christmas flowers or mums are the soul flowers of December borns who are known to be grounded, helpful, active, and honest. These flowers are a symbol of luck, cheer, and prosperity.