What Are the Primary Roles of an Income Tax Consultant

income tax

It is the moral and obligatory duty of every law-abiding citizen to pay the taxes which the government requires of them. However, the overall taxation structure is not very simple. Some individuals or businesses may find it challenging to take tax-based decisions on their own, bringing up the need for expert advice. Also, there are various ways by which you can legally save your taxes without flouting the regulations.

In other words, a tax consultant is someone who helps you make wise decisions regarding your taxes. In this article, we will dig into the roles and day to day responsibilities of a tax consultant.

What are the responsibilities of a tax consultant?

The duties of a tax consultant are quite different than that of regular legal and career consultants. Let’s find out what they do:

Prepare your tax returns: The most straightforward business that the tax consultants look after is preparing tax returns for individuals, organizations, and businesses. Tax provisions aren’t the same for everyone as they vary according to the income slab and, in some cases, location too. Some individuals are eligible for various rebates and concessions in income tax, and income tax consultants make sure that the concessions are utilised. Even if the person doesn’t qualify for any such concession directly, the consultants try their best to make them eligible for the same by managing their taxes accordingly.

Determine the total tax you owe: There are several taxes that the assessee has to pay, and it is not an easy task to calculate the total tax that they need to pay. It has been observed that some assessee have even overpaid their taxes because they determined it incorrectly. Income tax consultants are experts at their jobs; they know when two taxes overlap and what to add or deduct in your overall tax figure. They use their vast experience in the field and complete the job in hours, which otherwise can take days.

Gather necessary information: Tax consultants assemble relevant monetary and financial data from their customers through meetings. Such data incorporates customers’ available salaries, recompenses, and deductible taxes. At times, they utilize this data to set up customers’ tax returns. In different occurrences, they give data to customers so they can set up their tax returns. You can think of tax consultants as living data banks, who utilize it to make the best decisions for managing your taxes.

Make the best use of the available technology: Assessee regularly require tax experts to have various innovation aptitudes to play out their job duties. These may incorporate comprehension of how to utilize bookkeeping software (Intuit QuickBooks), email applications (Microsoft Outlook and others), and spreadsheet software. Tax experts themselves with sophisticated and advanced technology to save time and deliver the best results. They also use personalized software and algorithms to manage your taxes. Nowadays, they are using the latest technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Keep track of the changing tax rules and regulations: Tax consultants keep themselves updated with your tax regulations. They do so by regularly going through relevant journals, regular meetings with their professional groups, and attending conferences.


Whether we are setting up a new business or needing a piece of legal advice regarding any corporate affair, it is advisable to consult a professional. Taxes are integral parts of all citizens’ lives because apart from being our moral duty, they are also essential for the development of our country. Many times, individuals and businesses unknowingly commit tax evasions, which result in uncomfortable circumstances. A tax consultant makes sure that you pay all your taxes on time, and save as much money as possible!

Some of the reputed firms which offering tax consulting services are Dewan P N Chopra and Co, Nangia & Co LLP, KPMG International, and Asit Mehta & Associates There are many other firms offering the same, it is advisable that you can reach out to them and choose a firm which best suits your unique needs.