What Do You Need To Know About Keeping Indoor Succulents?


Not everyone is good with the house plants and that is why we are blessed with the succulents these succulents will also promote greenery in your house and will make it look beautiful which will be pleasing to your eye as well, if you know someone who needs that then the least.

Succulents have fleshy leaves which are known to store water in them which makes it ideal for growing indoors as they know how to adapt to it without any further problems. The succulents are not only the cacti but there are various other plants as well which are succulents although you must know that not every succulent is capable to survive indoors.

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The orange, pink and red succulents will perform poorly in the indoor atmosphere but the other succulents will just be perfect when it comes to it but remember to as your florist about the indoor succulents when you buy them. in case you forgot we have a couple of tips for you which you can consider:


Now, most people believe that water is good for the succulents but you need to remember that the water in the right way if you are going to water the succulents every day then it is going to kill them the best way to water them is when you think the see that the topsoil and this will help you see the succulents surviving for long but when you water the succulents make sure that you are watering them more than they will need in one go but watering them frequently is what is lethal for them. all you need is to consider that.


The sun is all they want, all you need to do them is that keep them in the light for at least 5-6 hours a day but if you are unable to keep them in the sun then make sure that you have a brightly lit room where you can just leave them for longer. Another thing for you to consider is that, as these plants require less care you can also leave them near your windows in this way, they will be getting the light they need. You can always approach the best florists in pune for more tips.


Now most of people think that the sand is perfect for the succulents. we don’t blame you for the thought but we get it seems almost perfect for you to think that as this something you have always been seeing but what you need to see as well is that you are growing a plant on your own so you need mix the potting soil with the sand. Just pour mix some potting soil with the sand and if it comes loose then you have a mixture that will just be loved by the succulents and you can grow your succulent in it.


Now the succulents are not compatible with the moist soil, when you think about the glass containers with the pebbles and some beautiful decoration for the pot it does sound good but it will also kill the plant as there is no drainage in it you can always use a pot with a hole and let the succulent breath. Don’t opt for glass jars even though you think that they are looking good. If you are confident enough with your watering skills then you can always go for glass jars otherwise don’t even think about a glass jar just go for a pot with a drainage hole.


Now if you stick to your schedule of watering and taking care of the plant you are bound to be free of bugs but if you have happened to purchase a plant which has bugs on it then you need to hold yourself from the roller coaster ride. This is nothing to worry about all you need is some rubbing alcohol and you will be good to go.


Although they don’t need much fertilizers but you need to make sure to feed them 3-4 times in summer and just a little in winter and fall as this is when the growth of the succulent stops but as soon as the summer approaches just make sure to feed them 3-4 times during the whole duration of summer.

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